Gen O’Shaughnessy admits “this is war” as U.S. military deploys 16,000 personnel, trauma surgeons

Brace for "impact"

(INTELLIHUB) — North American Aerospace Command Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy told MSNBC’s Mika Emilie Brzezinski on Friday that the military is engaged in a campaign on American soil and said that we are at war as a nation with COVID-19.

The general made it clear that 16,000 military personnel have been deployed to defend the homeland across the nation by providing assistance.

“Right now we have over sixteen thousand soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, all over this great nation that are providing support right where they need it on the frontlines with our healthcare workers,” he explained. “But this is a war–this is a campaign that we’re on–we are across the nation right now providing that assistance.”

However, the general made a slip of the tongue during the interview when he stated that they have moved from just accepting COVID patients to receiving patients who need high trauma care.

“…when we were looking at the COVID gameplan and we decided that we are going to change what we are doing on the Comfort and go from non-COVID patients to accepting any patients of that high trauma high urgency care that we actually need different equipment and so we actually found out that we need these pressure suits in order to do surgery,” explained. “For a high-end trauma case, you need to have a pressure suit if you might have a COVID patient.”

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High trauma? Pressure suits? Trauma surgeons? Maybe we should look up the definition of trauma surgery. Shall we?


The Surgical Specialty of Trauma: “Trauma surgery is the branch of surgical medicine that deals with treating injuries caused by an impact. For example, a trauma surgeon may be called to the emergency room to evaluate a patient who is a victim of a car crash.”

Injuries caused by impact?

Remember, as Intellihub reported, hospitals all across the U.S. and other parts of the world are empty.

Could there be some impending “impact” event in which the U.S. government and other governments have known is coming for some time?


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