Geoengineering Program Promoted by Corporate Media

The Intellihub
By Avalon
February 20, 2012

Now that the alternative media has uncovered the Global Geoengineering programs that have been underway for over a decade, the corporate controlled media has been forced to admit and deal with this classified and top-secret program.

It is becoming more clear by the month that as classified programs are discovered and information about them reaches the masses, the corporate media, which is engaged in a cover-up or is self-censoring this news, has had to come forward and address these operations.

The risk of being discredited is one of their prime concerns – intelligent people would say they’re too late – the corporate medias credibility has self-destructed.

The Dynamic is the Awareness of the Information.

Although this is a brief video and may not have been viewed by many people, it clearly marks another entry point in the corporate media’s acknowledgement of what 75% of the alternative media has reported on for years.

Globally, the Geoengineering Program is underway at such a pace that some of the videos covering this activity are undeniable proof that the planet is being subjected to massive experimentation and potential toxic poisoning.

Please share your opinion in the comment section of this article after watching the video and consider informing others to what is going on.

Pay particular attention to the statements in the video that suggest for example, “The Program will work”.

In order to make that statement, there would have to be data to base that decision on – PROOF that the statement is based on data gathered over years of Geoengineering the Planet.