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Conflicting reports question hosts integrity

By Lexi Morgan

NEW YORK CITY (INTELLIHUB) — Shortly after last Friday’s Paris attacks were announced by the media something rather interesting transpired during a live Fox News broadcast that was is simply unbelievable–even by a long stretch.

It all started when Fox News host Shepard Smith reported live on-air that Fox’s very own Geraldo Rivera’s daughter had narrowly escaped a horrific terror attack, specifically inside the Bataclan “concert hall”, which at the time had already been reported by local media to have been the epicenter of one of the many almost simultaneous attacks.

And while we all know that the media is saturated with sensationalism it would be more than absurd to think that Geraldo Rivera’s daughter was actually watching a virtually unknown band called the Eagles of Death Metal play at the Bataclan “concert hall” which just so happened to be an international target of the Islamic State.

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But even stranger is the fact that once Geraldo was brought on-air he made no mention of the concert hall but instead mentioned how his daughter was in attendance at the “soccer game” with her best friend when she “heard three explosions near halftime.”

“They knew President Hollande was there,” Geraldo said in a shaken up voice.

“This was a military scale attack. […] The SWAT Team and emergency services people started coming in with their long-rifles and medical aid. […] It was chaos.”

Geraldo said at one point his daughter’s phone wasn’t working which worried him.

“I just thank God she wasn’t at the rock concert but was at the soccer stadium where because of the President’s presence there was considerable security.”

“This was a major attack on a U.S. ally; God knows what’s next,” said Geraldo before letting out a disingenuous sob while showing his daughter’s picture to the camera.

“She’s a wonderful person,” said Geraldo.

As of yet Fox News has not issued a public retraction for the error.

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