Girlfriend of MH370 passenger Wood: “A giant plane filled with people was just taken”


Urging insider witnesses to “come forward”, the girlfriend of IBM executive Phillip Wood, remains optimistic the plane is “intact”

By Shepard Ambellas

KUALA LUMPUR (INTELLIHUB) — Sara Bajc, the girlfriend of missing MH370 passenger Phillip Wood, is now calling for whistleblowers to “come forth” with any information regarding the abduction of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 which was en route to China on Mar. 8.

Bajc has aligned with “three independent efforts” organized by Malaysian and Chinese families to point tough questions at authorities.

Bajc stated on a recent CNN broadcast with Erin Burnett, “The focus will be on asking questions which we just aren’t getting answers for”.

“Actually, most of the circumstantial evidence points to an abduction of this plane. […] I don’t know why and I don’t know who, but I am convinced that plane has been taken by somebody.”, stated Bajc to CNN.


Bacj also pointed out how she doesn’t necessarily believe that the passengers have been cleared as well, drawing heat to the two passengers with stolen passports.

In the interview Bajc was rather open, pointing out that that it may have even have been a “military action of some country” [abduction]. After all, “a giant plane filled with people was taken”, Bajc said.

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