Globalists Plan To Restrict Access To Lethal Means For Vets

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
Feb. 17, 2011

As if trumped up wars, invasions, and mass genocide in the middle east were not enough, we must also consider the stress that the patriotic men and women of our armed forces have endured.

One disturbing side effect of war is the military suicide rate. In 2008 the Marines and the Army had the highest rates at 18.5-19.5 suicides PER 100,000 enlisted as out lined in the newly released Rand Corp. Document entitled The War Within”.

So what business does the globalist directed think tank have in analyzing the suicide rate of the armed forces and why might they need that information? To listen to a documented history of the Rand Corporation see Alex Abella.

To restrict access to lethal means, meaning they want to eventually disarm vets.

“Restrict Access to Lethal Means Develop creative strategies to restrict access to lethal means among military service members or those indicated to be at risk of harming themselves. Firearms figure prominently in military suicides, so initiatives to restrict access to firearms should be considered. There is some precedent for firearm restrictions in both the Veterans Health Administration and DoD. In particular, strategies may include establishing policies or procedures in which access is restricted specifically among those identified as being at risk of harm- ing themselves.” – States the Rand Corp. document.

This might seem benevolent to some, however, when coupled with other cases one must question the benevolent nature of the globalist backed Rand Corp.