Failed political pundit Goldberg pushes establishment PSYOP, says Trump supporters ‘out of touch with most Americans’

New Intellihub poll proves Goldberg out of touch with most Americans

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shepardambellas_40_40 By Shepard Ambellas | Email Author
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(INTELLIHUB) — Failed political pundit Bernie Goldberg just can’t figure out why 2016 GOP front-runner Donald J. Trump is winning the race over and above his favorite presidential pick, Hillary R. Clinton, who is currently being investigated by the FBI over her use of a private email server, displaying just how out of touch he is with the American people.

Goldberg said during his recent appearance on the O’Reilly Factor that, “Most Trump supporters are not like most Americans” and are much “angrier” and “more frustrated than most Americans.” Granted Trump supporters might be more frustrated–this is only a natural reaction as the current Administration continues to fail every step of the way.

You see Goldberg is just one component to the establishment’s plethora of psychological operations (PSYOPs) they are currently using against the American people to put their pawn, Hillary, in place. Nevertheless his job is important to the powers-that-be. He is there for one simple reason; to convince you that you need to be like everyone else and that “most Americans” are somehow better than Americans who support Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States. However Goldberg’s analysis is 180 degrees backward and entirely wrong and he knows it.

If you think about it we are talking about voters here. And if you look at a real poll, like the one conducted by Intellihub, you can clearly see that most Americas, who took the poll, favor Trump at 52% to Clinton’s 15%, which is exactly the opposite of what Goldberg is telling us. In fact his job is to make you believe that you are somehow bad if you vote for Trump. But clearly real poll numbers speak for themselves.

The following poll was opened on Dec. 16 by Intellihub and currently has been taken by 550 participants in the past two days.

intellihub poll dec 16Via

“The mistake that Trump supporters make is that they are so wrapped up in his magic that they think not only that he will win the nomination and then the White House, and he may win the nomination, but they think that most Americans think like they do, but the evidence is that most Americans don’t,” Goldberg said.

However, unfortunately, again, as the above poll shows, Goldberg is completely out of touch with reality and severely disconnected from what the general populace in this country actually thinks. But one must also take into account that Goldberg isn’t a stupid person and knows exactly what he is doing. He appears on the O’Reilly Factor for a reason and he’s likely part of the ‘big boy group’.

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