Google Asks Dismissal of Gmail Spying Case

October 12, 2012

Corporate giant Google is involved in a new lawsuit.

However, they claim allegations that Google is spying on it’s customers through their Gmail account(s) is simply not true and are asking a federal judge to dismiss the case.

RT reports;

Brad Scott and Todd Harrington are the lead plaintiffs in a case that attempts to call-out the Silicon Valley search engine company as being in violation of California’s Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA) because they believe Gmail conducts clandestine scans of emails for words and content, intentionally intercepting private communiqué as a result without obtaining the user’s permission. Google, on the other hand, maintains that only computers complete all the legwork and that no humans actually have their eyes on any emails, also insisting that neither Mr. Scott nor Mr. Harrington can back up their claims that any action from Gmail has led to injury.

Google condemned the case this week, Courthouse News reports, arguing by way of a 25-page motion that Gmail scans data sent over its servers using its “fully automated processes involve no human review of any kind” that they insist exists to screen out viruses and spam “for the protection of its users.” Now they are asking US District Judge Lucy Koh to dismiss the complaint with prejudice.


At the same time Google claims they are not reading your Gmails they have been fortifying their security holes, hiring hackers to breach their systems. reported;

A teenager who goes by the online name ‘Pinkie Pie’ has won $60,000 (£37,000) for hacking into Google for a second time.

The company launched a competition – ‘Pwnium 2’ – offering a reward for anyone who can spot security holes with its products.

In a press release, Google called Pinkie Pie’s findings “critical” to the Google Chrome web browser.

It states: “Congratulations to Pinkie Pie, returning to the fray with another beautiful piece of work!

“We’re delighted at the success of Pwnium 2, and anticipate additional hardening and future improvements to Chrome as a result of the competition.

The fact that corporations can be on top of an information pyramid is scarry. Essentially Google knows everything about everyone at this point.

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