Google ‘Thought Police’ to rank websites based on their “truth”


In the near future the pro-Obama search giant plans to rank websites based on their so-called truthfulness

By Alex Thomas

(INTELLIHUB) — In a world with billions of websites, traffic has become the most important statistic for any webmaster.

Now Google, the worlds largest search engine, has a plan to change their rankings that could, in theory, destroy any news outlet that doesn’t report from a mainstream perspective.

Researchers at Google recently released a report that called for using a system that ranks websites on their trustworthiness rather than their popularity across the web. Instead of counting incoming links, the system would use Google’s Knowledge Vault to determine the accuracy of a website.

While we have all dealt with disinformation on the internet, the fact that the search giant plans to decide what is and isn’t true should have any freedom minded individual worried, especially when you consider Google’s public positions on many controversial topics.

An article in the New Scientist immediately makes clear which “incorrect” articles would be targeted:

THE internet is stuffed with garbage. Anti-vaccination websites make the front page of Google, and fact-free “news” stories spread like wildfire. Google has devised a fix – rank websites according to their truthfulness.

Google’s search engine currently uses the number of incoming links to a web page as a proxy for quality, determining where it appears in search results. So pages that many other sites link to are ranked higher. This system has brought us the search engine as we know it today, but the downside is that websites full of misinformation can rise up the rankings, if enough people link to them.

Whether it be their position on man-made climate change, vaccinations, or immigration, Google has repeatedly shown themselves to be a left leaning corporation on many of today’s most important issues.

On top of that Google has deep connections to the establishment, specifically the Obama Administration.

On election night Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt, also a Bilderburg Group member, was working for President Obama’s campaign office with the stated goal of getting him reelected.

A few years later, in September 2014, Megan J. Smith was named the nations new Chief Technology Adviser to the president after previously working for nine years as the Vice President of Business Development at Google.

Kyle Smith of the New York Daily News has more:

Google employees contributed more to President Obama’s re-election than did employees of any other company except Microsoft. Google lobbyists met with Obama White House officials 230 times. By comparison, lobbyists from rival Comcast have been admitted to the inner sanctum a mere 20 or so times in the same period.

On Election Night [Schmidt] was in our boiler room in Chicago,” Obama lieutenant David Plouffe told Bloomberg News, in a story that revealed that for the campaign, Schmidt “helped recruit talent, choose technology and coach the campaign manager, Jim Messina, on the finer points of leading a large organization.

Google’s disputed connections to the CIA and NSA are also important to remember when you consider whether or not they are suited to be the arbiters of truth on the internet.

As reported in the mainstream media, Google is the supplier of a customized core search technology for ‘Intellipedia which is a highly secured system that 37,000 U.S. spies use to share information and collaborate. Also the technology behind Google Earth was developed in part by a company funded through the CIA’s investment arm, Q-Tel.

Even more sinister is the fact that there are clear connections between the initial founding of Google and US. intelligence agencies as a whole.

In a groundbreaking two part report Nafeez Ahmed conclusively proved these connections: (Read the entire report here)

In 1994 — the same year the Highlands Forum was founded under the stewardship of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the ONA, and DARPA — two young PhD students at Stanford University, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, made their breakthrough on the first automated web crawling and page ranking application. That application remains the core component of what eventually became Google’s search service. Brin and Page had performed their work with funding from the Digital Library Initiative (DLI), a multi-agency programme of the National Science Foundation (NSF), NASA and DARPA.

But that’s just one side of the story.

Throughout the development of the search engine, Sergey Brin reported regularly and directly to two people who were not Stanford faculty at all: Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham and Dr. Rick Steinheiser. Both were representatives of a sensitive US intelligence community research programme on information security and data-mining.

Thuraisingham is currently the Louis A. Beecherl distinguished professor and executive director of the Cyber Security Research Institute at the University of Texas, Dallas, and a sought-after expert on data-mining, data management and information security issues. But in the 1990s, she worked for the MITRE Corp., a leading US defense contractor, where she managed the Massive Digital Data Systems initiative, a project sponsored by the NSA, CIA, and the Director of Central Intelligence, to foster innovative research in information technology.

“We funded Stanford University through the computer scientist Jeffrey Ullman, who had several promising graduate students working on many exciting areas,” Prof. Thuraisingham told me. “One of them was Sergey Brin, the founder of Google. The intelligence community’s MDDS program essentially provided Brin seed-funding, which was supplemented by many other sources, including the private sector.

Despite these clear connections to partisan politics and multiple US. intelligence agencies most of the mainstream media seems to have no problem with a sort of ‘Google Thought Police’ deciding what is and isn’t true on the internet.

Whether they use a computer program or hoards of truth squads the fact remains that Google is far from the independent and transparent organization that would be needed to decide the truth. If such an organization should exist.

About the Author:

Alex Thomas is a reporter who has worked in the alternative media for over three years. His work has been featured on numerous news outlets including Infowars,, and RT.

Alex is an exclusive weapon of Intellihub.

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