Do Google & YouTube Equate Truthers & Patriots with Terrorists?


Google & YouTube are merged

By TheAvalonRoundTable

According to G4T, a major player in the YouTube community, all the the suspected Conspiracy Theories aimed towards YouTube have proven to be true. George4Title came onto the YouTube scene some time ago and created many blockbuster videos, the result of which was a personal invitation to the corporate headquarters earlier on in 2010 to discuss his new partnership offer and how to better position his content.

G4T reluctantly went to the corporate office against the advice of his friends.

Many observations and insights into YouTube’s back office were made by George4Title (G4T) that day and from conversations with staff since that visit.

Among the most shocking of G4T’s observations was that YouTube and Google are one and the same. Tracking of viewer activity is number one at Google and YouTube so that user’s online experiences, considered private by many, are logged and data-mined, and perhaps even worse – providing data for profiling.

G4T stated on TheIntelHub that GoogleYouTube employees are required to support the Obama Administration and agenda, or else they’re gone – paraphrasing. Obama stickers and a clear support of the Obama Administration’s Policies are Front and Center everywhere.

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According to G4TGoogle/YouTube is a “Leftist Organization” that is actively “Promoting Socialist ValuesSuppressing Video CountsDe-Indexing Patriot & Truther Channels and are actually Against Freedom and Free-Market Principles.”

The suppression of users content is reportedly based on a formula that consist of profiling user content, and if it is Patriot or Truther content or non-commercial content, it is suppressed and thrown in with Racist and Terrorist content, according to G4T’s description of the mechanics that operate at YouTube. Specific proof of this activity was not provided, so to some degree, this is commentary and is the general opinion of G4T.

Because of YouTube’s monopoly of online video content, by de-indexing or otherwise manipulating the placement of user’s content, the viewer counts are basically destroyed – contrary to what would occur naturally if YouTube followed the Principle of Freedom – which G4T admits sadly Google and YouTube are against.

George4Title (G4T) - Reporter

Inside Google’s YouTube, G4T discussed with Shepard Ambellas of TheIntelHub, that Google & YouTube Executives are supporters of the Socialist Agenda, support the Obama Administration explicitly and reportedly are “De-Indexing Content by cutting off 80% of your links and selectively removing videos that are not following their agenda.”

YouTube Users who do not realize what is happening have been commenting on the changes and open hostile actions of YouTube for some time by making videos that exhort YouTube for their“EVIL” actions. G4T stated, to paraphrase, that ”Google and YouTube are cutting off the videos against the natural inclination of the internet and that they are doing this because they have a monopoly of video content on the Internet and are abusing that monopoly.”

G4T recommends that to see what is going on, to go to the front page and do a refresh. One can see what’s being promoted and perhaps even padded with false viewer counts, although adjusting viewer counts is speculation and just another conspiracy theory – right. The reader is also encouraged to check out the blatant Corporate Sponsorships in the Movie and Music categories. If your not mainstream and corporate – your channel and videos are not in these main categories, regardless of how popular they are.  According to G4T“Go to the front page of YouTube to see what they are supporting – the major corporate content. These videos are purposely put on the front page – not by natural video counts.”

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