Google’s Calico to access genetic data in effort to lengthen lifespans

Alexandria K Passe/Flickr
Alexandria K Passe/Flickr


Google-backed medical research company Calico will partner with to identify genetic patterns of anonymous people who have lived long lives with the aim of producing drugs to encourage those traits.

Calico and’s subsidiary, AncestryDNA, will study the “anonymized data from millions of public family trees and a growing database of over one million genetic samples” in “an effort to investigate human heredity of lifespan,” Calico announced last week.

Once AncestryDNA and Calico determine how genetics have helped some live exceptionally long, Calico will then work to “develop and commercialize any potential therapeutics that emerge from the analysis,” the company said.

AncestryDNA has genotyped DNA sequences of more than one million of’s customers, according to Re/code, and has around two million active subscribers. CEO Tim Sullivan said that many medical research companies have long requested access to’s trove of data.

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