(INTELLIHUB) — Judge Jeanine Pirro said on her show Saturday night, that “there is still a leader in this race” and it’s not Ted Cruz, referring to Donald J. Trump as the front-runner and peoples pick. Pirro said that she has “had it with the Establishment’s plans for a not so secret convention coup” and is angry with the GOP’s ‘convention rigging.’

During Pirro’s opening statement she pointed out how the GOP is doing everything in their power to pull the ropes, how they want them to be pulled, by taking away the American peoples vote, making up the rules as they go.

Pirro said that GOP elites to the likes of Renice Priebus and Karl Rove are desperate to stop Trump and are even willing to cheat the system to do it.

On March 31, neocon Rove stated:

“Donald Trump excites a lot of enthusiasm, but he also excites a lot of anger within the Republican party and outside of the Republican Party and a fresh face might be the thing to give us a chance to turn this election and win in November against Hillary.”

Additionally Pirro pointed out how Rove is basically saying that the GOP’s nominee is not going to be someone with the majority of the Delegates, but rather just “someone who is running” like “John Kasich […] someone who does not have eight states.” They want to move to a “brokered convention,” Pirro said.

Pirro went on to talk about the party’s “standing rules” and how they can be changed, which Pirro said allows the Establishment to “move the goalpost wherever they want.”

Pirro also questioned:

“Whatever happened to your vote matters?”

“[…] ] not since the American Revolution has the ruling class tried so blatantly and so hard to take away our vote.”

Pirro closed her opening statement by pointing out that we shouldn’t “bind ourselves to the monarchy” and that the power is actually with the people and not the government.

Republican Presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump was pulled onto the show seconds later to give his take and to no surprised Trump liked Pirro’s opening statement and said that Pirro sounds “like someone who likes democracy.”

Trump told Pirro that he thinks that he will get the nomination “in two ways.” Trump said that he not only thinks that he will get the “1237” Delegates that he needs to be the nominee, but Trump also said that he will have the “most votes […] million and millions [more] than Ted Cruz.”

Trump also said that “underhanded rules” cost him the win in Louisiana and feels that something could possibly be going on with the way that the committee can change the rules.

Trump mentioned that Establishment shills are coming out of the woodwork to attack him, including President Obama, because they don’t want him to run against Hillary in the General Election because they know he will likely win.

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