Government editing conspiracy Wikipedia pages

21st Century Wire

A worrying trend is currently emerging where governments are anonymously editing the Wikipedia entries for certain events. The emergence and explosion of electronic media has facilitated such actions, and the complete rewriting of history is now possible. Free and anonymous edits allow people to rapidly exchange and collate information, but also for nefarious forces to commit acts of deception from the shadows.

Edits to Wikipedia articles, from IP addresses located in the US Congress, have been occurring so often that the website recently banned edits from all Congressional IP addresses. The rise in edits was spotted by a Twitter account bot, which uses software to notify followers whenever a Wikipedia page is edited from a Congressional IP address. What is most notable about the edits is the kind of pages that are being edited, such as Wikipedia’s page on moon landing conspiracy theories; many of which hold the US government in a negative light (Stephen, 2014). Whether the theories are true, or not, does not matter as much as the fact that they are damaging to the legitimacy of the US government.

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