Government Funded Study to Insert Bacteria into Canada’s Meat Supply While Dosing it with Radiation

By Shepard Ambellas
October 5, 2012

For years and years the globalists have pushed societies into the experimental realm as the human race is merely being used as lab rats in many cases worldwide.

In fact, the US government approved chemical and biological testing on US citizens.

From geoengineering programs casting deadly toxins and metals upon the populace via airborne particulates less than 2 microns in diameter to the fluoride in our water supplies, we as humans are being depopulated.

And as if that is not enough some researchers now want to insert E. coli bacteria into our meat.

An excerpt from the Montreal Gazette reads;

Researchers believe shooting an E. coli vaccine into cattle, mixing probiotics into feed and zapping boxes of ground beef with radiation are preventative methods the industry should be using to keep the bacteria out of the food chain.

“We shouldn’t have to be concerned about the food that we eat making us sick,” says Rick Holley, a food scientist at the University of Manitoba. “We should be able in this country to go to the store and buy some food and bring it home, and have every confidence that the meal is going to be nutritious and safe.

“That’s a given, as far as I’m concerned.”

There has been worry over meat safety in Canada since an extensive recall of more than 1,500 beef products from the XL Foods processing plant in Brooks, Alta. So far, tests have confirmed five people in the province got sick from E. coli bacteria after eating XL steaks.

Bioniche, a company based in Belleville, Ont., produces a vaccine that reduces the amount of E. coli growing inside cattle, thereby limiting the bacteria the animals shed or poop into the environment.

The vaccine, believed to be the first of its kind in the world, was touted as a major breakthrough when it was developed several years ago. But it’s not being widely used.

Depopulation agendas are upon us as Henry Kissinger’s NSSM 200 is on track. The globalists are on schedule.

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