Gridlock as far as the eyes can see as Chinese try to flee Beijing ahead of Coronavirus lockdown

Brace yourself! The 'zombie apocalypse' has begun!


BEIJING (INTELLIHUB) — Millions of residents attempted to flee the city on Sunday ahead of a citywide lockdown imposed by Chinese officials in an effort to help curb the Coronavirus outbreak which has reached pandemic levels.

Residents took to any mode of transport possible to escape the virus-ridden city as they headed for the hills.

Traffic was and still is backed up as far as the eye can see while the Chinese military makes plans to seal off Beijing altogether.

Like a scene out of the apocalypse, residents try to escape the concrete jungle in a panic. However, their best efforts were thwarted and only some will make it out. But out to where? Are these city folk prepared to survive on their own in the wilderness?

The city of Beijing is home to an estimated 20 million people.

More roadblocks in the city of Wenzhou which is located in southeastern Zhejiang province.

It’s almost at the level of a zombie apocalypse.

Twitter user @IAIO2020 Tweets:

A patient In Hubei province has “zombie” like Mindsetz wants to leave but was blocked off by nurse and doctor.

Some residents who plan to ride out the plague have become increasingly angry and are even blocking off their own neighborhoods.

Keep in mind, the Trump administration has already activated silent martial law in the United States after declaring a national emergency in response to the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus which a top epidemiologist concluded in his study abstract is likely a manmade weaponized strain.

What is happening in China will follow in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

Military bases nationwide now contain active detention centers to house infected or unruly Americans. Many of them against their will.


Contagion trailer from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment:

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Recon request: If you spot any military troop or vehicle movements please take pictures or video and contact with the details. It’s coming people! Get ready!

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