Group plans to file an injunction over BLM’s recent botched Bunkerville operation


Judicial Watch’s Larry Klayman and others plan to take action against the privately held and mismanaged BLM after finding murdered cattle and damaged infrastructure throughout the ranch not consistent with the BLM’s legal orders

By Shepard Ambellas

BUNKERVILLE, Nevada (INTELLIHUB) — Larry Klayman, representative for family members of S.E.A.L. Team 6 and founder of Judicial Watch, will be meeting privately with members of the Bundy family and Michelle Fiore Thursday, to prepare to lead a charge against the federal government by pushing for congressional hearings based on the illegal actions of the BLM during the recent standoff. This will all be documented and released on-air Thursday Apr. 24, live from the Bundy Ranch, on the Pete Santilli Show, which airs on the Rense Radio Network from 10am — noon Pacific Standard Time. Shepard Ambellas the founder of Intellihub News will be guest hosting while Santilli is on scene.

This all comes after Nevada Sen. Harry Reid announced his continued fight against the Bundy family, calling them “domestic terrorists”. Reid also recently announced the formation of his new Bundy Ranch task force. However, the opposition has now formed a task force of their own in response to Reid’s madness.

“We the people” have assembled our own task force, radio host Pete Santilli recently stated in an interview with Gary Franchi, giving Reid a taste of his own medicine after it was found that BLM agents murdered at least 2 of Bundy’s bulls by shooting them on site between the eyes. It has also been noted that certain ranch infrastructure, such cattle watering tanks and fencing was purposely demolished by the BLM. According to reports. no demolition was authorized in the court order.

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