Gun rights group to use “ketchup and cardboard” to raise personal security awareness Saturday near UT campus

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Gun rights group to stage ‘mock mass shooting’ near UT campus at noon

AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — A gun rights group plans to use “ketchup and cardboard” to inform the general public about the need for personal protection.

“Freedom of Speech and Expression will be tested this Saturday when we use the concrete sidewalk as our stage, with the public and the media as our audience in an important dramatization,” one Texas gun rights group, Don’t Comply, posted on their website.

“The reason that we are doing the skit is basically we want to get a hold of the media and have a national conversation, not about how we were going to restrict guns, but about how we are going to keep guns and even loosen up gun-free zones especially during mass shootings or acts of terrorism,” Matthew Short, a spokesman for the group, told Intellihub.

Originally the demonstration, set to take place this Saturday at noon, was planned to be on campus, however school officials have already threatened demonstrators with arrest so the group intends to take their act just off school grounds, using the University of Texas (UT) as a backdrop.

Personal protection is “a Human Right that seems to have been slowly removed from the people and placed upon a shelf to be voted off or given back according to whomever is deserving of this essential benefit,” the group’s website states.

While it seems like a good plan it has also been reported that the mock mass shooting has already made some feel uneasy.

“People are already scared with everything that’s going on in the world, and it’s kind of nice to have a safe place which I feel like UT is. To have something like that occur, even if it was fake, I think makes people feel very endangered,” said Jazy Hill, a junior at UT.

It’s just a dramatization. It’s not going to be scary, it’s “an event the whole family can attend,” Short said, who also has an appearance scheduled on Fox & Friends Saturday morning.

But there is a dark history which plagues the campus; back in 1966 a sniper by the name of Charles Whitman killed 16 people on the same campus in what was one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history. Exactly the same situation the group plans to advert in the future by informing people now that they need to pack.

Matthew Short’s response to Intellihub regarding the 1966 shooting was:

“What’s really interesting about that shooting is the fact that it was stopped by some citizens with guns. At that point in time I don’t believe that police even actually had rifles. So what happened was some good old boys grabbed their rifles out of their trucks and laid down fire at the shooter onto the tower to the point where the police were able to go get the guy.”

Moreover Short pointed out how people have “been put on no-fly and no-buy lists.”

“Essentially the government is at the stroke of a pen telling people that they won’t be able to have their inalienable rights.”

Short insisted Intellihub covers the event from an on scene perspective and said, “It’s going to be a circus,” referring to the media frenzy expected to occur. Short said he the group wanted it to be controversial, but never expected it to make a “national stir.”

Now due to the group’s persistence and outcry from other concerned citizens a campus “Task Force” recommended Thursday that students of UT be allowed to conceal carry firearms in class and a new law goes into effect in August of 2016 which allows for just that.

The event will take place:

Date: Dec 12th
Time: 12:00pm
Meetup: 2426 San Antonio St.
Austin, TX

Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas will be on scene reporting.

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