Hacked Photographs Show Colin Powell at Bohemian Grove


New photos have surfaced showing Colin Powell at the Bohemian Grove.

by Andrew Freeman
April 14, 2013

The mysterious hacker known as Guccifer has released a series of photographs showing Colin Powell at the Bohemian Grove.

Late last week a file was posted at Cryptome.org, showing the former Secretary of State partying with elites and actors at the top secret resort.

According to the Examiner “Two of the men in the photos appear to be George Kennedy — from Dallas and The Naked Gun — and Malcolm McDowell — from A Clockwork Orange and numerous television shows.”

Mary Moore, of SCFP, told Examiner today, ” … a lot of actors do go up there mostly as guests but some do belong. They’re considered ‘men of use’ as are the musicians and others in show biz.”


On May 21, 2012, Andrew Knight, a News Corporation director, emailed Powell about former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, “You will see in the attachment Tony’s response to George. Might you be able gently/firmly to point out to Tony that you rank the Bohemia Middle Weekend in your diary before allowing any other duties to get in the way?! Lack of exposure suggests that Tony has not yet got his priorities straight. I am going to suggest the same to Henry.”

It is possible that these new photos were retrieved from a security breach that happened weeks ago. According to RT:

“Guccifer has previously taken credit for hacking Gen. Powell’s Facebook, compromising what are believed to be sensitive emails sent to former-President George W. Bush and even uncovering emails about last year’s Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack allegedly sent to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In the latest leaked emails sent to RT, Guccifer showcases a number of emails reportedly sent to Colin Powell’s AOL account during the last few years.”

In July 1991, People magazine’s San Francisco bureau chief Dirk Mathison infiltrated the group, according to an article written by the journalism organization, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR):

He witnessed a speech — “Smart Weapons” — by former Navy Secretary John Lehman, who stated that the Pentagon estimates that 200,000 Iraqis were killed by the U.S. and its allies during the Gulf War. Other featured speakers included Defense Secretary Richard Cheney on “Major Defense Problems of the 21st Century”, former Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Joseph Califano on “America’s Health Revolution — Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Pays”, and former Attorney General Elliott Richardson on “Defining the New World Order”.

The official Bohemian Grove Meeting is set to take place sometime at the beginning of this summer.


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