Hacker “Guccifer” Arrested in Romania

Hacker that exposed key members of CFR and Bohemian Grove arrested in Romania

By John Vibes

ROMANIA (INTELLIHUB) — In the past year or so a hacker by the name of Guccifer has been working to expose various members of the ruling class, and has some success linking both Colin Powell and Tony Blair to the Bohemian Grove.

He struck again this summer, releasing the emails of over 1000 CFR members.

This week news has surfaced that he was captured in Romania.  In photos that were taken after his arrest, 40 year old Marcel Lazar Lehel can be seen being escorted around by police wearing ski masks.

The mainstream media is reporting on this arrest, but is overlooking the hacks made involving the Bohemian Grove and the Council on Foreign Relations.

As to be expected, the media is more concerned with hacks that revealed an affair of Colin Powell’s and the leak of George W. Bush’s self portraits.

In e-mails to TSG last month, “Guccifer”said “now i am in a close fight with a secret service chief, i won;t tell you wich cause is outside us. “i don t know what near future hold for me so i will schedule a email link for you… with my archive in case i disappear.”

In a December 17 e-mail, Guccifer stated that “the CIA is for sure on my tail but you know they have all the time in the world.” He also claimed to have been arrested in Paris in 2009 “for some cyber issues,” but noted, “btw i am not french i just speak a half of dozen languages.”

The details of the case against Marcel Lazar Lehel are still unknown.



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