Hanford whistleblower retaliated against, transferred to windowless office

30-year lab veteran forced to take office with no windows after blowing the whistle on a fraudulently hired contractor who cost taxpayers $1.5 million

(INTELLIHUB) — The Department of Energy’s Inspector General has opened an investigation into the allegations that a Pacific Northwest Nation Lab (PNNL) employee of 30-years was transferred to a windowless office after refusing to go along with a cover-up.

30-year veteran lab manager Aleta Busselman claims the lab relocated her and assigned her with no new tasks after she failed to whitewash an incident which had already cost the federal government over $1.5 million in 2016 after a fraudulent contract was negotiated.

Busselman’s managed a team in charge of getting to the bottom of why certain events happen at the plant and said that she thought that the lab would want an “honest” and responsible person to do such to make sure that such events would never happen again. However, her willingness, to tell the truth, ultimately cost her her livelihood.

Busselman’s team concluded that the lab did not have “adequate controls” in place to protect against “fraudulent activities.”

A lab spokesperson said that the woman’s allegations are ‘simply not true.’

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