Hard left group plans massive Trump inauguration disruption as Electoral College voters plan Trump revolt

“Devious” plots to possibly stop Trump’s presidency revealed

(INTELLIHUB) — A group of hard left activists are planning a massive disruption in Washington D.C. on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration with the stated goal of shutting it down.

The group, #DisruptJ20, has posted a manifesto on their website which makes clear that they are planning widespread civil disobedience and possible illegal actions. Calling on “all people of conscience” to shut down the event, the groups website even indicates that they believe they may be able to stop Trump’s ascension to the presidency all together.

“If Trump is inaugurated at all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the world that the vast majority of people in the U.S. do not support his presidency or consent to his rule,” reads the D.C. Counter-Inaugural Welcoming Committees call to action.

A spokeswoman for the group told WND that, “We cannot yet say how significant this disruption will be.” “We are creating a framework to support mass protests and direct action to shut down the inauguration of Donald Trump.”

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When asked why the groups meetings were off limits to law enforcement and members of the media, the spokeswoman continued, “I can safely say that some groups are likely planning actions that might result in arrest scenarios.”

“Sorry, I cannot give specifics at this time, due mostly to the fact that plans are still in flux, but also due to the fact that not all information is public.”


This is happening at the same time as talk of a revolt by voters in the Electoral College has begun to heat up with an ABC news report detailing claims by one of the 538 electors that he will not vote for Trump and believes others could join him.

Christopher Suprun, a Republican from Texas has apparently decided to vote for someone other than Trump and has spoken to other electors about doing the same.

“At this point there are people who have reached out to me. Again it wouldn’t be my place to name who they are,” Suprun said.

“I am confident in saying, at this point,” he continued, “I don’t think I will be the only one voting for someone other than Donald Trump who is carrying a Republican elector seat.”

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When you add this together with a prediction by Michael Moore that Trump will not be the next president as well as the all out war on the alternative media over “fake news” you can see a real scenario where the election is actually stolen from Trump.

In total we have threats of mass protests on inauguration day, threats of a revolt by Electoral College voters, claims by leftist talking heads that Trump will not become president, a full on war against the free press, and attacks 24/7 in the corporate media regarding literally ever decision Trump has made.

With six weeks to go these attacks are sure to amplify, shaping up the inauguration to be very interesting indeed.

Alex Thomas is an editor and opinion journalist at Intellihub.com. His articles and reporting have appeared on numerous news outlets including Infowars and the Guardian. You can read more articles by Alex here as well as follow him on Twitter here.

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