Deadly rain and wind approaching Texas Gulf Coast, Hurricane Harvey expected to be a CAT 3 or higher, officials say

GOES-16 captured this beautiful geocolor image of Tropical Storm Harvey in the Gulf of Mexico on the morning of August 24, 2017. (NOAA Satellites/Flickr)

CORPUS CHRISTIE, Tex (INTELLIHUB) — Many residents are evacuating the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Harvey approaches, bringing with it a deadly amount of wind and rain.

The storm is expected to be a category 3 or higher when it makes landfall which means 110+ mph winds and over 30 inches of rain.

On Thursday NOAAHurricaneHunters tweeted the following: “Timelapse of WP-3D Orion #NOAA42 flying a pass through the eye of #HurricaneHarvey from west to east. Advisories at

Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott has declared a State Disaster ahead of the storm.

“Texans believe in taking action and always being prepared in the event of an emergency,” the governor said. “That is why I am taking every precaution prior to […] Harvey making landfall.”

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