Have you been covertly stalked or watchlisted and don’t know it?

So what is the real goal of watchlisting innocent Americans you might ask?


(INTELLIHUB) — Many people have just recently become aware of watchlists. There are no judicial procedures before someone is placed on the list and the individuals who are watchlisted are not informed and are thus not able to mount any defense in an effort to clear their names.

This closed-door decision making processes is referred to as the “Star Chamber” and according to a 2011 document from the Department of Justice, even individuals who have been cleared or acquitted can remain on the list. In 2011 there were nearly half a million Americans who were red-flagged for one reason or another. In most cases they had not engaged in any terrorist activity whatsoever.

There are numerous videos on YouTube of people who claim to be “Targeted Individuals” and victims of what is known as “gang stalking” in street parlance. Many of these people have no idea what they are being subject to. In most cases they have fallen victim to a loose, yet coordinated, multi-entity operation run by what I refer to as the National Security Racketeering Network (NSRN).

The word “racketeering” implies that illegal activities are being perpetrated in an organized fashion. The people who have been watch-listed do not receive a trial, they do not get to plead their case (if one even exists) before a judge and if they attempt to retain an attorney they will be contacted by federal authorities or those in their employ and very strongly dissuaded from representing the targeted individual.

It helps to recognize that there are four branches of government, not three. The executive, judicial and legislative branches are controlled by the fourth branch — the “Deep State.” The Deep State is comprised of power-brokers within intelligence agencies, the military-industrial complex and multi-national corporations (MNCs).

In many cases the MNCs subsidize politicians working within the other branches of the government through lobbies and special interest groups. Therefore our representatives are less likely to stand up for the average Joe who finds himself the target of this illegal program. If they are not accessible or open to persuasion via lobbies or special interest groups, they can be brought to heel with compromising personal information which is in possession of Intel. agencies which comprise the Deep State.

So what is the real goal of watch-listing innocent Americans you might ask?


There are several:

  • To sabotage the lives of individuals who are considered to be “subversive.”
  • To gradually increase Deep State control over all segments of society.
  • To generate revenue for private security companies.

Private security companies are often run by ex-federal employees who once worked for FBI, DHS, DEA, etc.. After a few decades they retire, pull a pension and then open up their own companies which are then given contracts by DoJ and DHS. This equates to cronyism and it is progressively becoming more prolific in the United States at an unfathomable rate.

In some cases individuals may work for front companies simultaneously with their federal employment, which under normal conditions would be considered a conflict of interest.

So federal agencies and private contractors maintain a symbiotic relationship which benefits both groups. Because the private contractors and the civilian employees they hire are not actually government personnel it creates a plausible deniability buffer for agencies such as the FBI and DHS.

Like a domestic “Blackwater,” these private companies and those in their employ are not held to the legal standards which federal employees are supposed to operate within. This allows for a lot of leeway and aggressive unconstitutional activity since they have no oversight.

And if they do step outside the bounds of the law, who cares — since the Targeted Individuals have been labelled as political subversives, domestic terrorists, and domestic threats.

As George W. Bush said:

“If they are not with us, they are against us.”

People who have been watch-listed are targeted with harassment, illegal searches, stalking by the civilian hirees of the privately-owned security companies and subject to a plethora of other actions which run counter to the constitution and federal law.

Watch-listing individuals is an integral part of the National Security Racketeering Network’s game plan. It allows for annual “budget-beefing” on the part of the agencies, it provides for the proliferation of a Stasi-styled control apparatus which operates within the shadows of our society and facilitates an increase in control over the citizenry.

Because the contractors operate within the shadows in a covert fashion, watch-listed individuals (a.k.a. – Targeted Individuals) often have no recourse, especially since their names also reside on Regional Data Fusion Center networks, which are accessed by local and state police.

Even if these watch-listed individuals have never committed a crime, law enforcement in many cases will have a biased opinion of them due to information, false or otherwise, which DHS and the FBI have pumped into the law enforcement databases. In many ways these innocent targets have the same status as “foreign combatants,” in that their constitutional rights and civil rights are suspended.

The sentiment within the Deep State is that domestic terrorists should be eliminated via any gradual and untraceable means necessary.

In some cases, foreign terrorists who were actually engaged in criminal activity receive more rights than U.S. Citizens who were labelled as domestic terrorists, despite having never shown intent to engage in any terrorist-related activity.

Most foreign terrorists know what they are accused of, will eventually have their day in court and are also allowed an attorney. Not so for the majority of innocent watch-listed Americans.

The lack of a resolution mechanism assures that most people will remain on the list for an indeterminate period of time which conveniently guarantees a constant cash flow to the private security companies working within the National Security Racketeering Network and also yields a steady, yet often-imperceptible, tightening grip over society which results in the loss of our liberties and privacy.