Heads of BP Accountable By Congress – Subpoena Blocked By Republican Shills


The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
November 3, 2011

The worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history devastated the gulf region in 2010. Not only the sea life, and wildlife were harmed — but human health was infringed on heavily, all documented by The Intellihub and others such as Project Gulf Impact and award winning journalist Dahr Jamail.

Planes sprayed the populace like roaches with deadly Rothschild funded chemical cocktails of death (Blackstone Group) for large governmental contracts fed to CIA based private companies like Evergreen Air (a chemtrail front company) openly contracted to spray COREXIT over the (no-fla zone) gulf region back in 2010 — thus proving depopulation (as reported on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory TV Show) is a reality.

The reports and tips flooded in to The Intellihub radio show hosted by Shepard Ambellas and our tips email, reporting that military troops had pretty much invaded Grand Isle, LA.

The scene was like something out of the movie Red Dawn as the events unfolded.

Now, BP should be held accountable and members of our government have blocked the action.

Republicans funded by the globalists have blocked heads of four companies involved in the massive oil spill/depopulation efforts to testify.

A nola.com article reads;

Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee blocked a move by Democrats to force the heads of four companies involved in the Deepwater Horizon disaster to testify about the findings of the joint Interior-Coast Guard investigation into the disaster. On a 17-13 vote, the committee tabled a motion by Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., the ranking Democrat on the panel, to issue subpoenas to require BP CEO Robert Dudley, Transocean President and CEO Steven Newman, Halliburton Chairman of the Board David Lesar and Cameron Chairman, President and CEO Jack Moore, to appear before the committee.

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