Healdton schools use bulletproof storm shelters to keep students safe

Superintendent tested bulletproof storm shelter before installing it at schools

Intellihub editor’s note: I can see it now — here comes all the future contracts for storm shelters, metal detectors, etc.

Dozens of copycat-type threats have been investigated in Oklahoma in the wake of the mass shooting that killed 17 people at a Parkland, Florida, high school earlier this month.

One of those investigations happened at Healdton, a small Oklahoma town with a population of almost 3,000. The town’s school district, however, has a bold way to keep children safe — bulletproof storm shelters inside the schools.

“You think those things are never, ever gonna happen in your school, but, unfortunately, they do,” said Melissa Hudson, mother and president of the district’s parent-teacher organization. “Some are caused by weather, and some are caused by man.”

That’s why Healdton Public Schools leaders decided to install seven bulletproof storm shelters inside the elementary school and two larger ones in the middle school. Officials are working to get shelters for the high school.

Via KOCO News 5

Featured Image: Healdton High School (Screenshot via Google Street View)