Health Department orders Nashville bar and grill to close while chain restaurants stay open

"Well we're here to shut it down--and I got padlocks and chains."


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (INTELLIHUB) — In what can only be considered an egregious and concerted effort targeting small business owners the Health Department has ordered a local bar and grill to close its doors and health officials brought chains and padlocks just to make sure–all the while large chain restaurants and other bars have been allowed to remain open.

It all started on Sunday when Metro Health Department officials arrived to the business equipped chains and padlocks with the intent to shut down Gary and Becca McIntosh’s Full Throttle Bar and Grill at 333 Swinging Bridge Rd after the owners decided to remain open to serve customers in an attempt to stay in business during these challenging times.

“So here is what my problem is there are so many bars around here that are open and I’m a restaurant,” establishment owner Gary McIntosh explained to several health department workers when they arrived on the scene. “So you’re telling me that you can go down here and you can play baseball at this field down here and have a whole lot of people jammed up on each other and you guys are allowing this to happen–and then you can go–I have the same license as Outback and all the rest of them but you can allow them to still keep in business.”

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“I’m talking–you are going to allow me to say what I am going to say because I am getting sick and tired of you people bullying everybody–this is how I make my living,” he said.


“You guys going to pay my damn mortgage payment?” he asked. “You going to pay for my car payment?”

“What about all the food that is going to go bad,” Becca asked the two men.

“I abide by all of your damn rules–and just because somebody has got a wild hair up their ass and think that they can bully people around in this town–this is bullshit,” Mr. McIntosh told the health workers.

In response, one of the health workers made their intentions clear.

“Well we’re here to shut it down–and I got padlocks and chains.”

— Metro Health Department worker

“You’re not padlocking anything on my building–because that right there is ‘destruction of private property,'” Mr. McIntosh explained to the health workers politely. “I know what the law is… you can put a sign on there but you ain’t padlockin’ shit on my building.”

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To top it all off, the health workers admitted to the owners that Full Throttle Bar and Grill was the only establishment being shut down on Sunday.

“Full Throttle Bar &Grill has been ordered to close by the health department….not for violation of any health codes but because we are opened during this time just like many other restaurants…we have followed all the guidelines and have no one sitting at our bar, have our tables spaced out and employees wearing masks and gloves…sanitize tables chairs etc after each use….same as outback and all major chain restaurants…large gatherings are still allowed in many areas and we have limited entrance to 50%…we believe this is unconstitutional and violates our amendment rights! Thank you to all our customers and supporters!”

Full Throttle Bar and Grill/Facebook

Gary and Becca McIntosh appeared on The Shepard Ambellas Show on Friday where they talked about their experience with tyranny. The episode is a must-listen.

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