Health officials and members of the community perplexed, concerned, as mother and son suddenly drop dead

Mother and son die suddenly from ‘unknown virus’; family says ‘strand from Africa’

By Lexi Morgan

ST. PETERS, Missouri (INTELLIHUB) — 19-year-old Zach Smith, and mother, Rhonda Smith, 48, both mysteriously died just four days apart after contracting what a family member said the two described as a “strand […] from Africa”.

Zach Smith was checked into the St. Joseph’s Medical Center with “flu-like symptoms” or what was thought by doctors, at the time, to have been “pneumonia”.

His mother Rhonda checked in to the hospital 4 days later than Zach with what she described as a side ache.

Both of the patients conditions deteriorated rapidly.

Both were reported to have had “severe respiratory problems” leading to heart failure and death.

Medical officials are perplexed and are currently looking into the matter, seeking more answers.

People in the area are rattled as a new superbug or potentially Ebola loom.

It is not yet known if the two infected anyone else around them, including medical staff.

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