Health threat: Toxic red tide reaches Tampa Bay killing sea life

Tampa Bay wreaks of death after "hundreds of thousands" of fish carcasses wash up from recent red tide outbreak

A toxic red tide algae bloom reached Tampa Bay, Florida, last Friday bringing dead sea life and an unmistakable stitch with it.

“Hundreds of thousands” of fish were reportedly seen dead floating in the bay as bystanders watched seagulls prey on the badly decomposing carcasses.

Sanitary beach cleaning crews worked throughout the weekend in an effort to contain the smell of death which can seemingly stain human lungs for hours if not days at a time.

Crews are diligently working to load all deceased fish and sea life into awaiting dumpsters which are currently lining affected beaches in the bay area.

Withal, the toxic algae bloom took a few swimmers by surprise who, needless to say, weren’t very happy campers after reemerging from the tainted waters.