You ain’t seen nothing yet: Western states face decades-long megadroughts

Common Dreams | If fossil fuel emissions continue as usual, droughts lasting as long as 35 years a "near certainty" in parched Western U.S. states
vaccine, doctor, shot, immunizations

When does crony medicine become fascist medicine?

Ahn-Usa | Substantial sums of money have been accepted from the vaccine industry
Dakota pipeline, DAPL

Citing environmental risks, scientists back tribes in Dakota access fight

Common Dreams | Meanwhile, a Reuters investigation finds pipeline spill detection system severely flawed
gold rice, gates

Prominent Latin American Scientists say Bill Gates’ golden rice is a...

Natural Blaze | Making farmers and those they feed reliant upon GM companies for food is the goal
flint water crisis

House reaches deal on $170MM aid to flint to avoid government...

Zero Hedge | A deal was originally delayed over a dispute on funding for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan
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Was this Polio cure buried for dangerous Rockefeller vaccines?

Natural Blaze | Rockefellers’ mandatory polio vaccines were presented as the best defense against the disease

Wake up call — Bumble Bee just proposed for U.S. Endangered...

Free Thought Project | According to experts, bumblebees’ contribution to farms is estimated at a whopping $3.5 billion

215 million gallons of radioactive water threaten drinking water in Florida

Natural Society | Officials waited 3 weeks to inform the public

Pipeline leak plunges deep south into emergency: Long Lines and “panic...

Zero Hedge | "Panic buying is the worst thing that can happen under any circumstance."

Passengers hit with dual aerosol bug bombs while trapped inside airline...

Intellihub | Woman who did not want to be sprayed was sprayed anyway, later escorted off plane by 6 police officers

Regulatory watchdog calls on DEA to halt Kratom ban, calls on...

Natural Blaze | DEA’s policy on Kratom is in conflict with the policy of a number of other federal agencies
dna, gmo

Scientist ‘makes history’ by eating 1st-ever CRISPR gene-edited meal

Natural Society | Foods are only considered “GMO” if they’ve had something added to their DNA
resistant bacteria

Stunning video depicts bacteria evolving, becoming resistant to antibiotics

Natural Society | The United Nations will soon be hosting a conference to discuss how to deal with this new threat
wild horses

Federal agency votes to slaughter 44,000 of the 67,000 wild horses...

True Activist | 65% of the US wild horse population will be culled in order to open up more public land to cattle ranchers

Video: Licensed professionals warn people about the lines in the sky

Intellihub | Pilots, Doctors & Scientists Tell Truth about Chemtrails
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Cancer breakthrough: Blood test detects ‘cancer symptoms’ 10 years before they...

Natral Society | Researchers call it a 'cancer smoke detector'
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Seriously ‘sinister’ big pharma: Opioid maker bankrolls opposition to pro-pot referendum

Common Dreams | "You have a company using profits from the sale of what has been called 'the most potent and dangerous opioid on the market' to prevent adults from using a far less harmful substance."

Oops! FEMA emergency alert system “wrongly orders evacuation” of congested, isolated...

SHTFPlan | There are many reasons not to trust government, or to put too much power into its hands
medicinal, cannabis

DEA claims cannabis holds no medicinal value even as the federal...

Natural News | Cannabis is listed alongside meth and LSD for having no currently accepted medical use
Dakota pipeline protest, stone camp

Protesters, including children, mauled as private mercenaries attack Native American pipeline...

Free Thought Project | This is nothing but repression of our growing movement to protect our water and future generations

South Carolina sprays for Zika, further decimates honeybee

Natural News | Local beekeepers do not feel that they were given any advance notice about the spraying

WATCH as compound in Cannabis oil (THC) kills cancer cells while...

Lincoln Horsley | They don't care about us
soap, clean water

‘Huge victory for health’: FDA orders antibacterials removed from soaps

Common Dreams | Triclosan has been shown to disrupt hormones and muscle function, environmental groups say

PepsiCo admits their soda contains carcinogens – still expects you to...

Waking Times | WHO estimates that cancer rates will rise as much as 50% by 2020
Big Pharma, pill

Surgeon General reprimands doctors across the U.S. for promoting Big Pharma...

Natural News | What should be a rare occurrence is happening with shockingly high frequency
gun girl

Are you prepared to use your gun for real? “Would you...

Daisy Luther | While everyone hopes that situation will never arise, it is important for all gun owners to prepare for that possibility
Earth, world, planet

The Anthropocene is here: Humanity has pushed Earth into a new...

Common Dreams | The epoch is thought to have begun in the 1950s, when human activity set global systems on a different trajectory
lena lake, WA

How illegal drugs and ADHD medications are polluting urban streams

Natural Society | The water tested positive for many substances, including amphetamines
old man

Man outlives 4 wives, 10 siblings and even his own children:...

Intellihub | How old is too old?
zika heli 2

All U.S. blood supplies to be tested for Zika Virus; theme...

Intellihub | Zika virus generates fear among agencies and populace