Heated gloves-off vaccine debate: Robert Kennedy Jr. faces off with Alan Dershowitz

"If there is a safe effective measure that could significantly reduce the contagious impact of a deadly disease like the current pandemic virus that the state would have the power to directly compel the vaccination."

Federico Cardoner/Flickr

American environmental lawyer and anti-vaccination activist Robert Kennedy Jr. and constitutional attorney Alan Dershowitz appeared on Valuetainment last Thursday where they faced off in a heated vaccine debate that was moderated by the show’s producer Patrick Bet-David.

During the broadcast, Dershowitz managed to layout an argument that should churn the stomachs of all true red-blooded Americans.

To no surprise, Dershowitz claimed that because the United States is currently in the middle of a public health crisis that it would literally be constitutional for states to enforce mandatory or even forced vaccinations.

The constitutional attorney said he’s confident that a Supreme Court precedent from 1985 would lead a modern-day ruling that would essentially say: “If there is a safe effective measure that could significantly reduce the contagious impact of a deadly disease like the current pandemic virus that the state would have the power to directly compel the vaccination.” In other words, Dershowitz says the government has every right to vaccinate its citizens during a public health crisis.

“We’ll see what the courts say about religious exemptions but as a general matter a healthy person who simply has an ideological objection to vaccinations as such… the Supreme Court I predict would hold that the states could in one way or another compel vaccination either directly or as a condition of people engaging in public activities or activities that can create contagion…,” he explained.

On the flip side of the coin, Robert Kennedy Jr. laid out the dangers of vaccines which he said negatively affect the health of about 1 in every 40 Americans vaccinated.

Kennedy said that he has been trying for 15 years to talk about the dangers and constitutionality of vaccines and said that it shouldn’t be up to politicians to censor the vaccination debate.

Kennedy’s censorship reference is deep-rooted in the social media tech industry in which websites like Facebook and Twitter have been caught, limiting, restricting, and banning informational content which often goes against the official narrative.


Alan Dershowitz became publically entangled in the Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, sex-trafficking courtroom saga on Friday after his name surfaced in documents prompting the media to run stories in which the constitutional lawyer attempted to defend.

Dershowitz issued a statement on Twitter Friday which reads: “There are no new accusations against me in the documents I got unsealed. All her accusations were made in suits she filed years ago. They were false then and now, as shown by her emails and manuscript that prove I never met her. MTC”

Go figure.

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