Helicopters in 19 seconds: Las Vegas shooting

A video posted to YouTube does a great job showing the viewer how helicopters were lurking below the roof lines of casinos while the attack took place

(INTELLIHUB) — As Intellihub reported in mid-November of 2017, Helicopters were airborne behind Mandalay Bay during the 1 October shooting.

The following video posed to the John E. Hoover YouTube channel focuses on a 19 second span of the “First Shots” video which was captured on the night of the shooting and uploaded to the Archangel Studios YouTube channel the following day. In the video, three helicopters can be seen lurking around below the roof lines of Mandalay Bay, the Delano, and Luxor. However, the caveat is the fact that none of the helicopters are showing up on radar, as reported by Intellihub Founder and Editor-In-Chief Shepard Ambellas during his October 2017 appearance on The Alex Jones Show.

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