The hell eye of the NSA

It’s all falling into place now. The whole world has been turned into Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon.

By Dr. Richard Sauder | Event Horizon Chronicle

We are in a huge global prison, under minute surveillance and infernal suppression and oppression. Infernal, as in having to do with, or pertaining to hell.

The all-seeing eye on top of the pyramid on the back of the USSA dollar bill represents the massive surveillance and social control mechanism of the hierarchical, pyramidal money power that has turned this planet into a huge slave plantation. At the very top you have a very small handful of immensely wealthy trillionaire families and organizations, and just below them you have a few thousand multi-billionaires and billionaires. The next rung down consists of thousands more who control merely hundreds or tens of millions of dollars of assets. This small fraction of one percent of the Earth’s population are enslaving humanity and driving the world towards horrific destruction. They are not human in any ordinary understanding of the word.

The numerous spy, police and military organizations of the planet are in their service, especially so in the case of the major nations, and nowhere more so than in the USSA, which is casting its bloody, murderous, violent, exploitive, lying tentacles over the face of the whole world. What are the USSA’s tentacles? — The CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the IRS, the DHS, the TSA, the Pentagon, etc. Other countries have their own equivalents.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, the control mechanism of this hierarchical, pyramidal money power is watching, it’s listening, the better to intimidate, harass, exploit, control, imprison or maybe even kill you.

Spying is Always Aimed at Crushing Dissent

Never forget that mass spying is always aimed at crushing dissent. It’s not harmless. It can be used to jail or kill you, or turn your life into a living hell.

The agenda behind the CIA, NSA, Pentagon, etc. comes straight from the pits of hell.

Well, say the critics, the USSA must spy on everyone to keep tabs on terrorist groups like al-Qaeda.

But of course, is the well-informed reply.

The more so, because al-Qaeda is the creation of the CIA. What could be more natural than that the CIA would want to keep close tabs on its own demon spawn?

What This Means For Me (And You)

I now live in Ecuador, but no matter, there are a whole pile of CIA and other USSA alphabet soup operatives in this country, working under cover of being someone or something else. Ecuador is a real focal point for them (as are Costa Rica, Panama and especially Venezuela these days). The country is small but important. In recent months the Ecuadorean government has ordered the USAID (known to work closely with the CIA) to wrap up its operations in Ecuador and leave the country, and has also expelled some 20 USSA military personnel from the USSA embassy in Quito.

In reality, USSA alphabet soup operatives are just about everywhere in the world.

The former East Germany provides an illustrative example. In Communist East Germany, up to 25% of the population was at one time in the direct or indirect employ of, or at least cooperating with, the secret police in some capacity. Twenty-five years ago when I was doing my doctoral studies I was discussing this with one of my colleagues. It was our feeling, even then, that the USSA was headed in that direction.

As Edward Snowden has revealed, the surveillance by the USSA alphabet soup agencies is now universal. In that respect, the situation is actually worse than it was in Communist East Germany. Voluminous information is being compiled on all of us, including you, whoever you are and whatever you do, and whatever your motivation is. Do you have a Facebook account — with photos and plenty of information about yourself, and a big list of “friends”, and etc.? Are you Linkdin? Do you Twitter? That all goes straight to the files of the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. even if you are not American. If you are American they are keeping even closer watch on you. They are archiving this blog post. It’s all but impossible to live a normal life and escape their clutches. That is by design. We are in a giant prison here on Earth.

The system uses a lot of human agents, double, even triple agents. The USSA alphabet soup agencies torture, frame and kill a lot of people. I remind you that I was almost killed on 29 December 2012 here in Ecuador. I know people who believe the USSA alphabet soup agencies were behind what happened to me. I can’t say one way or the other. But if they were, there would be levels of deniability, and the lower level operative(s) who handled it would certainly be here in Ecuador, doing …. well, almost anything. Could be in “business”, the Peace Corps, “retired” on the beach, a student, a “tourist”, a writer, a missionary, a military adviser in the USSA embassy…. you fill in the blank.

The Secret Team

I recommend Fletcher Prouty’s classic work, “The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World.” The book was written in the 1970s, but everything in it remains completely relevant today. I talked with Fletcher Prouty and he revealed some interesting things. The CIA places paid agents and informants everywhere. In universities, including students and professors and staff, newspapers, TV, politics, book publishers, the military, entertainment, magazines, show business — producers, actors, etc., Wall Street, the corporate world, religion — Roman Catholic, Mormon, Scientology, Jewish, Muslim (who do you think al-Qaeda is?).

When I was doing my graduate studies at major USSA universities I saw CIA recruiting posters on the departmental bulletin boards. The deal was that as of the late 1980s and early 1990s the CIA would quietly pay even an 18-year-old undergraduate $33K per annum to join the CIA and go to school as an ordinary student.

So I never knew which of my colleagues, which of the undergrads, which of the tenured and tenure-track faculty were CIA agents, although two of my professors self-identified as CIA contract agents. One self-identified as a double CIA-Mossad agent. A visiting, adjunct professor self-identified as a Mossad agent. A number of my fellow graduate students were USSA military intelligence officers. The rest?  When you talked with someone or socialized with someone you never knew precisely with whom you were dealing or their motivation.

The whole society is like that, that’s my point. The universities are simply institutional training and indoctrination centers. All of these spies matriculate in the major USSA universities and then they go forth into the world and into USSA national society, with the result that with every passing year the USSA resembles Communist East Germany more and more.

Only it’s worse, because the technology is more sophisticated and the system is more powerful and larger.

I suggest that the extremely sharp uptick in the numbers of seemingly “random” police killings in the USSA in recent years, may not be so “random” after all.

I submit that targeted killing, i.e., termination with extreme prejudice of those the USSA state spy apparatus has marked for death, has already begun. By the looks of it, it may easily get worse, a lot worse, unless a lot of people get a clue and say or do something about it.

Fletcher Prouty’s “Secret Team” is very much in action. You can definitely add the NSA to the list of vicious, red-white-and-blue organizations that are assaulting the planet and humanity. 

The Alternative News and Information Community in This Scenario

Fletcher Prouty wrote “The Secret Team’ in pre-Internet days, when the alternative news and information community was far smaller, and much more fringe, than it is today. Now he is dead, but were he to update it today he could certainly include the online and offline alternative news, thought and information community in his discussion.

That is because the USSA alphabet soup agencies also have their hooks, informers and agents into the alternative news, thought and information community. The landscape is littered with “ex”-military and not-so-“ex” intelligence and other alphabet soup agency operatives and collaborators.

Late night talk radio, mind expansion institutes and academies, UFOlogy, the ayahuasca/ shamanic scene, and much more. The “ex” and not-so-“ex” alphabet soup agency connections, both direct and indirect, are ubiquitous, like piles of dog shit on the sidewalk. Every time you turn around you encounter another one.

Just to offer one example: before coming to South America I was not aware of the USSA Army’s peripheral involvement/interest in the shamanic/ayahuasca scene, but I am now.  The Machine that ayahuasca showed me is assaulting the Earth and the human race is absolutely aware that ayahuasca sees and understands what it is up to. And so the USSA Army to a certain degree has put its tentacles out into the Amazonian shamanic culture. It’s quiet and low key, but I have certainly noticed it.

I mentioned above that some of my friends have opined that one of the USSA three-letter agencies was behind what happened to me. I don’t exclude the possibility, given what the shamanic plants have revealed to me and that what I write about has such clear implications for the planet-killing crimes of the corporate USSA and its satanic, three-letter agencies.

The Planet Killing, Genocidal Agenda of the Corporate USSA

The truth is that the global agenda of espionage, war, assassination, torture,  imperial conquest, environmental/ecological destruction, predatory economic enslavement, radioactive poisoning of the whole world, and debasement of the genetic code of countless biological species is at the very heart of what the corporate USSA is now doing on this world.

The corporate USSA is a heartless monster in league with unthinkable evil. Look at the agenda of the CIA, the NSA, the Pentagon, the Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street, the Department of Energy, Monsanto, General Electric, the FDA, the AMA.

We have to recognize  clearly what is happening. It’s a coordinated take down of humanity and the planet. It’s a play for total domination, conquest and destruction, up to and including the extermination of most of the biological life on this planet.

Got Air? 

The deforestation in the Amazon region alone can easily spell doom for the human race. The luxuriant vegetation in the Amazon region produces about 20% of the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. Because of the burning of fossil fuels and destruction of so much forest cover in recent years and centuries, the oxygen level of the atmosphere is far lower than it was in the past.

The oxygen level is down to about 19% to 21% worldwide, and in heavily polluted cities it falls much lower, as low as 12%. The problem is that if it gets down to around 6% or 7%, then the human race dies. We all asphyxiate.

So obviously, destruction of the Amazon is an extinction level event for humanity. 21% minus 20% (the oxygen produced by the Amazon forest) leaves just 1% oxygen content in the atmosphere, and we all die. But you don’t even have to destroy the whole Amazon, just two-thirds will do it.

The bulldozers, chain saws, road building, slash and burn agriculture, logging, power line construction, mining, etc. is going on every day. A new settlement here, a soccer field/football pitch there, a cattle pasture over yonder. Chop, chop, chop.

Going, going ….

That’s the reality.

But it’s even much worse than that, because the radioactivity from the melted down/ exploded nuclear reactors at Fukushima is pouring right  into the Pacific Ocean by the hundreds of tons every day,  and sterilizing that vast ocean. That matters hugely, because the phytoplankton in the top two or three meters of the Pacific Ocean’s waters produce maybe another 25% of the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. So as the Pacific Ocean is sterilized of life, that means that there will be less phytoplankton, and therefore reduced oxygen production, which will cause a further decline in atmospheric oxygen levels on this planet.

Hey, a percentage point here, a percentage point there, and suddenly, the big cities with 6 million and 10 million persons have oxygen levels of 9% or 8%, instead of 12%, and all of a sudden it’s real hard to catch your breath.

You see, because of my blog’s reader statistics, I know that I have readers in London, Tokyo, Delhi, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, etc.

So the information I am giving you is not academic. It DIRECTLY threatens your life.

What are you going to do about it? Endlessly reading blogs and surfing the Internet is not an appropriate response.

Planting trees is an appropriate response. Anti-nuclear activism is an appropriate response.

If you are not doing those things, or similar things, or actively supporting those who are, then how can you justify your passivity, apathy and lack of substantive, meaningful action in the face of real, immediate, planetary level threats?

This is not an academic argument. It could all be over in the next 20 years. Or less.

What is your response?

My Current Situation in Ecuador 

After more than a year of intense struggle, the shaman who assaulted me has been indicted and has now been arraigned. There will be a trial hearing in less than a couple of months.

I have been pushed to the wall by this ordeal, to my financial limits and beyond. The case is actually bigger than me, in that there certainly are other victims of shamanic abuse in the Amazon region. I am not the only victim. Indeed, I have already heard from another victim of the same shaman who has nevertheless declined to pursue justice or even to support me in my case. But unlike 99% of the others, I have elected to stand up and fight back, no matter the odds. And against all expectations, my assailant has been indicted and is going to trial. But the battle is not over.

I have no illusions about what I am up against. I was almost killed.

What happens in the Amazon is vitally important to what happens on this planet (please see above). The shamans of the region theoretically have an essential role to play in healing the Amazon and showing the way for humanity to deeply bond with the natural world — but not if they themselves are abusive to the very people who come to the region to consult the sacred power plants in search of hyper-conscious communion with Mother Nature.

And so I really do urgently need your assistance to help pay my legal counsel. I am asking for your serious aid. I need to prevail in this case to continue my work on this vital, southern continent. It matters. I know that some of you are more than able to assist me.

For USA dollar contributions please e-mail me at:  and I will tell you how to send a donation.




(Photo: Pascal Kirchmair/ Wikimedia Commons)

This article originally appeared on the Event Horizon Chronicle.