Hello, Anybody Home?

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R.F. Goggin
November 17, 2011

Are you a socially conscious American citizen? Do you pay much attention to what takes place beyond the confines of your own cozy, little piece of property or self-interests? If you think I mean whether or not you know if Lindsay Lohan is in or out of jail, then sadly, I might suggest that perhaps you have fallen prey to what fodder it may be of which is being methodically drummed into you. Indeed, if in fact you should find yourself familiar with the details of such an inconsequential matter, then I would go so far as to say that there is a high probability that you are in the process of being manipulated like a commercial commodity by people out to control your mind – to fatten their wallets or purses.

One may not feel so much that they can be adversely affected by what they see as they watch the news, listen to the radio, or surf the Internet, but they could hardly be more mistaken I reckon. There are reasons that go far beyond the competitive financial aspirations of big media to try to keep you as silly and stupid as may possibly be. In fact, there is a concentrated collusion of behind the scenes, interconnected folk in my estimation, who want nothing more than to dumb down the American public in general into a sheep-like state. It is for just such reasons that the citizenship of the U.S. will seldom see the coffins of dead soldiers returning home, for just one stark and somber example of media manipulation. This of course, has nothing to do with respect for the dead or for their families, but is more about maintaining the hierarchical ‘status flow’, for lack of a better term.

What comes into one’s living space via the mainstream media in the U.S.A., undoubtedly has been carefully devised for absolute maximum financial and personally exploitative effect. Since they know how you can’t resist a scandal of which seethes among the rich or powerful, for instance, they will always strive to provide you with one. They also know, only too well, that there are very many folks who seek to escape their ordinariness by harboring an inkling for fame and fortune, and so they will try to play their audience like a proverbial fiddle in this such regard as well.

Logically, one must assume, if what may be newsworthy that does not appear within the news is by default an intentional maneuver, rather than some gross or negligent oversight, then you had better believe that all the mindlessly trivial nonsense which you are being subjected to upon a daily basis by virtue of nearly every mainstream media news outlet in America; such as your steady doses of ‘celebrity gossip’, even upon a website such as CNN, is without any doubt being sent your way to invoke premeditated reactions. And this such ‘glamorization’ within the realm of news reporting, has of course, not once ever been designed for or delivered to the airwaves (or to cyberspace), because it may actually be beneficial information to those consuming it.

So as not to digress simply into mainstream media bashing, I would also offer to the reader that when the most wanted man in the world, Osama Bin Laden, was assassinated by the American military, there was a deliberate effort by the U.S. Government to keep the story and all of its details from the media, and thereby, from the eyes or ears of people such as you or I. The film footage and photos extracted from the operation, which everyone knows are in existence were completely and utterly squelched, supposedly, for the sake of ‘national security’. Personally, I am not much interested in what lame excuses were contrived to justify this obvious blackout of newsworthy, pertinent information, I am only concerned about how it was able to occur in the manner of which it did at all. What I found even more to disturbing to consider about this subterfuge, was the very little public interest in the reality that ‘we the people’ were basically left in the dark as to what actually took place even after this rather prominent, international incident. Simply being told that to leave us ignorance – is for our own good to keep us safer, doesn’t fly much at all with me, because those are the very sort of words and deeds which seem too akin to the same kinds of patronizing garbage that a full-fledged dictatorship might put into regular practice. Once upon a time in America, each and every citizen had a constitutional right to any and all relevant information having to do with the demise of someone like Bin Laden, and so it would seem to me that their ‘freedom of the press’ in this important instance was purposefully denied them.


So again, Mr. or Mrs. American, as humbly as I hopefully ask of you, do you feel that you are socially conscious?  I not so sincerely hope that I have not stumped you by asking such an obscure and introverted question? But if so, then perhaps ‘Dr. Phil’ can provide an answer for you – so stay tuned then won’t you, and don’t touch that dial. Might you, my fellow countryman, have the slightest idea that your hard-earned money is being taken out of your pocket to build drone bases in Ethiopia to bomb people in countries where the majority of the citizenry can’t even afford a television? Are you aware perhaps that because of the longevity of ‘The Patriot Act’, your federal government quite easily might come to know as much about you and your daily activities as your own family members, if it so chooses  – for any reason at all? Or that good ole’ Uncle Sam can now demand and gain access to your bank records, or your emails or cell phone logs, simply because like some literary Big Brother, he knows what’s best for you, and has indeed arrived on the scene to convince you of just that. Do you understand, maybe, that there are people in positions of power and influence who want to make you so frightened and concerned over the big, bad world spinning around you – and so helpless and ineffectually dependent, that you will literally welcome the corrupt and invasive domestic policies of an electable but corpocratic overseer, with open arms. That, you will pay handsomely for the delusion of your personal safety, with not only with your tax dollars, but in exchange for many of your most cherished of civil liberties?

Soon, as conflicts between nations heat up and social unrest among their populations increase, there are going to be multitudes of talking heads all over your fifty-two inch boob tube, all trying to tell you what you need to think in order to be a true U.S. patriot. Some, will even try to make you feel afraid of the existence of those so-called lazy, dirty, ungrateful, no good and un-American‘Occupy’ protesters. Those of whom at this moment are settling in for a long, cold winter of discontent in order to make someone like you, perhaps, even a little less ignorant or apathetic toward issues of worthwhile or imperative significance.

So what say you then, Tom, Dick and Harrietta – are you socially conscious? Hello? I know the lights are all on, but is anybody home?

R.F. Goggin – is the editor of The New World Reporter

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