Hey Hillary, Trump isn’t in any ISIS recruitment vids… but a few characters you know are

Hillary Clinton just put her foot in her mouth again and was busted LYING about yet another terrorist video!

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By Dean James | America’s Freedom Fighters

During the Democratic debate she claimed that ISIS was showing a video of Donald Trump making “incendiary” comments about Muslims as a recruiting tool which was a bald-faced lie.

Politifact as well as several liberal media outlets and even White House and National Security Council officials also said there is no ISIS video with Trump. No such video exists.

However, a few people who are extremely close to Hillary DO show up in actual ISIS recruitment videos!

Barack Hussein Obama, Uncle Joe Biden, John ‘Lurch’ Kerry and one William Jefferson Clinton who is referred to as the “fornicator.”

This is awesome! She lied about Trump but her own little ‘Slick Willie’ is actually in at least one of their videos!


Via RedState:

As it turns out, there is a prominent American featured in an ISIS recruiting video and that person is Bill Clinton.

A new ISIS recruiting video, titled “No Respite” has been released.The video is interesting because it lays out in very plain terms how ISIS views itself. Anyone who views this and can still say that ISIS is not truly Islamic is either a liar or a blithering idiot. This is the video in full. It is a little over 4 minutes and worth watching.

In it, some prominent Americans do appear.

Check this out!

Watch Video HERE

This is classic! Hillary lies about everything and this time it backfired in spectacular fashion!

For the record, Trump is nowhere to be seen in the video lol! These guys are though!


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Via America’s Freedom Fighters