High School student says he was expelled after being asked for his conservative view

Apparently, transgenderism is a touchy subject for snowflakes in high school these days who can’t listen to another person’s point of view after being pre-programmed throughout life that the topic is taboo and off limits to talk about.

(INTELLIHUB) — A 16-year-old high school student appeared on Fox News with his father where he said that he was suspended from school after giving his conservative opinion on “Shakespeare portraying transgenderism in a positive light.”

Michael Mancini was expelled from the school which he attends after he disagreed with fellow classmates who thought William Shakespeare portrayed transgenderism in a positive way.

Hidden audio captured at Mancini’s school disciplinary hearing reveals how the head of the disciplinary committee somehow held Manchini accountable for his opinion after the conservative’s comments somehow offended two other female students who Mancini says subsequently yelled at him.

“When you speak your mind and you are offending people in the room… that can be seen as part of harassment,” the Cheshire Academy explained to Mancini in the hearing.

Manchini responded: “I had these two girls screaming in my face and that made me really uncomfortable. They are harrasing me… that’s the same thing right?”

To no surprise, the school disciplinary head replied: “… if you make comments in class and those people feel uncomfortable the initial burden is [then] on you.”


“I said that it was historically inaccurate for Shakespeare to portray transgenderism in a positive light because remember Twelfth Night which was the book we were talking about was written in 1601 and 1602 and they would not have normalized that or have portrayed that in a positive light they would have looked at that as mental insanity,” the 16-year-old pointedly explained.

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