Hillary says she would love to be Facebook’s CEO so she could control the news altogether

Hillary's lavish lust for power will never end until she is crowned ruler of the galaxy -- or becomes CEO of Facebook, whichever may come first

(INTELLIHUB) — Attorney General Maura Healey (MA-D) recently asked Hillary Clinton what company would she like to be CEO of if she could choose — and so — without any pause, the failed 2016 presidential candidate said ‘Facebook‘ — of course.

“It’s the biggest news platform in the world,” Clinton said. “Most people in our country get their news — true or not from Facebook.”

The former Madam Secretary was at Harvard where she received the Radcliffe Medal for having a “transformative impact on society.”

All of this goes to show where Hillary’s head is currently at and demonstrates her unfiltered lust to control the news cycle itself. In other words, Hillary actually thinks that she still has a chance in 2020 if she could just get that CEO spot on Facebook’s board.