(INTELLIHUB) Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s Senior Aide, and Mills’ lawyer, Beth Wilkinson, packed up and left an FBI questioning session Tuesday, over Hillary Clinton’s Servergate email scandal, to confer with one another before reemerging for another round.

It was reported that their absence and consultation was allowed to take place several times by the FBI after Wilkinson made clear certain questions were ‘off limits.’

According to a major publication, “The questions that were considered off limits had to do with the procedure used to produce emails to the State Department so they could possibly be released publicly, the people said. Mills, an attorney herself, was not supposed to be asked questions about that — and ultimately never was in the recent interview — because it was considered confidential as an example of attorney-client privilege, the people said.”

Surprisingly, or maybe to no surprise I guess I should say, Hillary has not yet even received one phone call from the FBI to come in for questioning as the Establishment plans to suppress the issue fully.

The interview was reported to be a “tense situation.”

A Fox News analysis said, “These leaks are clearly designed to have an agenda right now,” because the FBI already knows the answers to their own questions.

“With these leaks the timing is extremely interesting.” the analyst said.

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Image: Bureau of IIP/Flickr