Homeland Security Turns LA into War Zone for “Counter-Terrorism” Drill

Yesterday the Department of Homeland Security Security took part in a large scale “counter-terrorism” drill in Los Angeles with the LAPD.

Photo: signalscv.com
Photo: signalscv.com

By JG Vibes
June 7, 2013

The drill was planned alongside the National Homeland Security Association’s conference at the Bonaventure Hotel and was conducted by the Police Department’s Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau. The drill was complete with black clad police repelling down helicopters, flash grenades and the sounds of gunfire in the streets.

Police Chief Charlie Beck said about 1,800 people from 60 major cities attended the conference and most watched the demonstration. Representatives from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Canada also attended.

This expensive operation is justified with the fear mongering of a terrorist threat.

According to Signalsscv.com LAPD spokesman Cmdr. Andrew Smith said “We know that terrorists are capable of acting everywhere.  We need to maintain our vigilance. We need to maintain our edge. That’s the reason we do this training.”

About 50 officers from various units, mainly SWAT, air support and hazardous materials, participated in the drill, following months of preparing and notifying area businesses of the exercise.

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“This is something we constantly worry about. The threat is always there,” Police Chief Charlie Beck said in a statement. “What happens in other regions of the world is important, but we have enough of a homegrown issue that all this needs to be practiced continuously.”

This seems more of an excuse to play with their new toys than anything, but there has been a disturbing increase of these drills in public areas, possibly to desensitize the general population to having military police in the streets.




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