Horrifying events that have already taken place in the first few months of 2015


It looks like activity across-the-board is already ramping-up

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — Did the headline scare you?

Well it shouldn’t. It’s only reality.

Weather conditions, sinkholes, fireballs, politics, terrorism, wars and civil wars — so much has already taken place during the first few months of 2015.

We live in exciting times indeed. And it may be time to come to terms with it as it’s not getting any better.

While geoengineering should be at the top of everyone’s list as weather conditions continue to deteriorate globally, everything should be on the list, including politics. It’s all important and it’s all happening too fast.

Not to mention the establishment propaganda is thicker than ever. It’s ballsy. Bold. Disgraceful.

On a political front they are now saying “the real threat to America comes from Americans [right-wing extremists] who don’t like the government” not ISIS. This is literally the new official narrative across various networks and agencies. This is what the mainstream press will be pushing over the coming months; the fear that domestic “lone wolf” attacks can and may disrupt America.

They want to push fear. If a person is scared they can more easily control that person. But their fear can be countered by the acceptance of truth. The acceptance of what is really taking place around oneself in today’s world. A heightened awareness. A duty.

My point is: if you are afraid — fear what is real no longer. Just as you should not fear this headline. Yeah and I can already see the comments now: ‘fearmonger’ etc.. How about “realitydealer”. That would be more fitting wouldn’t you say? After all it’s reality we are talking about here.

You simply have to dive in to be in-the-know.



Keep it real.

Don’t be scared.

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