Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne appeared on Steel Truth Tuesday where he revealed that attorney Sidney Powell was appointed White House Special Counsel and given a security clearance by President Donald Trump during a heated meeting which took place in the Oval Office.

The American entrepreneur maintains he attended a heated meeting Friday evening at the White House in which attorney Sidney Powell along with her assistant, and General Micheal Flynn witnessed advisers to the president repeatedly tell the commander-in-chief that he could not appoint Powell as White House Special Counsel because she did not have the proper credentials or security clearance.

“Since Friday night… President Trump has been buried in led… I was in the room when… at one point Pat Cipollone in one of his hissy fits yelled at the president — stood up and was yelling at the president — I almost decked this guy — he is a rude little son of a bitch,” he said. “It was almost a fistfight — President Trump said later that ‘there probably has not been a meeting like this in two-hundred years.'”

Byrne said that White House Council Senior Staffer Pat Cipollone told the president after a long argument that he didn’t even need it in writing and had the power to appoint attorney Sidney Powell as Special Counsel.

“Twenty minutes later President Trump said ‘you know what I’ve made my decision — Sidney Powell, you are appointed White House Special Counsel’ and somebody objected ‘well she needs a clearance and that’s going to take x-many this and that’ and President Trump said ‘you know what I have the ability to give you a clearance with my word — I hereby give you a TSSCI clearance this is done — this decision is done.'”

Byrne went on to explain that the following day Powell was turned away from the White House by the president’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows who appears to be acting as a gatekeeper to the president.


“They will not inform him even though I heard him directly say… Sidney and Mike have direct access,” he said. “His people are refusing to execute his orders that’s how crazy it has gotten — they are refusing to execute his orders.”

“Mark Meadows and Pat Cipollone have taken control of the Oval Office and they are refusing to follow President Trump’s orders,” Byrne explained. “It’s the craziest thing I have ever seen — I would have fired this little weasel right on the spot.”

The former Overstock CEO also claims that he helped the FBI facilitate an $18 million bribe for Hillary Clinton in 2016, as reported by Intellihub previously.

Mainstream sources including the Daily Beast are reporting the exact opposite. What’s the real truth? You decide.

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Source: Patrick Byrne dropping MOABS exclusively on SteelTruth

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