(INTELLIHUB) — An open hot mic at Monday’s White House press briefing reveals that Coronavirus mortality rate is 0.1 to 0.3 and that everyone in the White House has been vaccinated.

Reporter #1: You can take off your mask–the case mortality rate is point one to point three.”

Reporter #2: Is it really? That’s reassuring. Everybody here has been vaccinated anyway.

Reporter #1: USC and L.A. County Public Health came out with a study—they found that there are seven thousand cases in California but they really believe that there are anywhere from two hundred and twenty-one thousand to four hundred and forty-two thousand people who’ve been infected.

Reporter #2: Really? So that makes it zero point one to zero point three?

Reporter #1: Yeah.


Reporter #2: So that’s a study they came out with or?

Reporter #1: Yeah it just came out today. So it suggests the case mortality rate is about a tenth of what it seems to be.

Reporter #2: Woah. So it’s a hoax?

Reporter #1: No I don’t think it’s a hoax.

Reporter #1: (Laughter)

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