Houston: Man Killed at Airport After Attempting a Mass Shooting


In a strange series of events a man determined to commit a mass shooting was stopped short in a blaze of pistol smoke by DHS and himself.

(ABC) Security protects the crime scene after a shooting in the Bush Intercontinental Airport Thursday.
(ABC) Security protects the crime scene after a shooting in the Bush Intercontinental Airport Thursday.

by Shepard Ambellas

May 3, 2013

HOUSTON — A man identified as, Carnell Moore, entered “Terminal B” of the Bush Intercontinental Airport on Thursday, pulled out a pistol and proceeded to fire 2 rounds into the ceilinged sending passersby into a frenzy before turning the gun on himself and being simultaneously shot by DHS.

A special agent of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) happened to be located in an office about 150 feet away from where the gunshots took place, and sprung into action. The female agent ran toward the gunshots. CBS reported, “Moore was dead at the scene. Inside a black suitcase next to where Moore was sitting, HSI, FBI and Houston PD found a black suitcase contains a Smith & Wesson AR15 assault weapon with a fully loaded magazine.”

After the shooting the airport was locked down in areas.

The brother of the suspect has told authorities that he had “some mental issues” and was generally a quiet type person.

It was also reported that Moore posted to social media earlier Thursday that he planned to carry out a mass shooting. Although you can bet proponents of the 2nd Amendment might question the failure of DHS in this situation, as they dropped the ball in dealing with the social media threat before something happened. Although a special agent was “in the right place at the right time”, according to the a spokesman with the Houston Police Department, this should have been handled on the front end.

During a press conference, local authorities were questioned about the weapons used and why firearms were allowed into the airport. The authorities responded that essentially in Texas and other states laws stand that in some cases allow people to be armed in non-secure public areas.

More ammunition including .223 rounds were found in the suspects vehicle. Police do have footage of the suspect exiting his vehicle alone with a bag of luggage they later found to be containing more weapons.







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