How JADE HELM 15 correlates with a potential, rumored, asteroid strike

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Potential ‘flight path’, strike window, revealed, if said impact rumors true

  • NASA has denied claims and rumors of an impending asteroid strike
  • Conspiracy theorists say impact in September
  • Possible links to JADE HELM 15 military exercises
  • Russia monitoring the situation
  • FEMA and DHS gear up for major event
  • Former NASA warning now makes more sense

By Shepard Ambellas

The Rumors

(INTELLIHUB) —  Rumors on the Internet tell of an impending asteroid strike set to take place in late September between the 22nd and 28th, striking somewhere near Puerto Rico in the Atlantic Ocean. Although the rumors really are just that — rumors, some are still concerned.

NASA’s response

In fact, NASA was even forced to respond to the recent Internet claims and issued a statement saying:

“NASA knows of no asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth, so the probability of a major collision is quite small.

“In fact, as best as we can tell, no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years.”

Do you trust your government?

I guess you have to ask yourself if the government would tell us if a strike from a massive asteroid was on its way.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the governments-of-the-world are already aware of an impending strike that could quite possibly trigger an “ELE” (Extinction Level Event) and are currently concealing the information from the populace.

Interestingly enough, and dovetailing with this, we see that the Russians have been closely monitoring several objects over the past year or so which are headed toward earth. If the objects deviate their trajectory enough, while passing through the gravity wells of other planets in our system, they could possibly strike earth in the future as reported by RT earlier this year.


However, sadly, whichever way you slice it, we are definitely past due for an asteroid strike upon the earth.

Additionally I want to mention that one of my military connections, stationed in Hawaii, told me that the U.S. Government has shot down so many asteroids over the past few years that the planet would have already been impacted 10 times over without the technology. While I can not verify my source’s statements, it’s worth noting here and now.

But even more shocking is the fact that NASA has recently teamed up with the National Nuclear Security Administration in effort to launch a massive nuclear asteroid defense/deflection campaign, which has now been publicly announced, as soon as possible.

Possible connection to JADE HELM 15

To boot it’s also important to point out that if you draw a line directly from the said asteroid impact zone near “Puerto Rico” directly through the center of the original JADE HELM states, a potential flight path or impact swath emerges. While this is all just speculation at this time, let’s log this here and now as a possibility.

What has FEMA and DHS been preparing for?

We also have to ask ourselves what FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security have been gearing up for with their purchase of millions of dollars worth of ready to eat meals, water, and supplies, along with billions of rounds of ammo for use domestically.

So why the strange NASA warning?

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