Every single corporate media outlet misses the point of the Turkish protests, subtly belittles the anti fascist movement, and claims the primary instigator of this was a park being demolished for a shopping mall.

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

by Cassius Methyl
June 5, 2013

If you expect corporate news (BBC, CNN, FOX, CSNBC, ABC, ect.) to tell you anything but completely misleading, belittling, statist lies about the Turkish protests, I am sorry to say you are mistaken. CNN belittles the efforts of the anti fascist protestors very subtly, and entirely misses the true point of the protests on purpose, because they serve government and coporate elite interests.

Every single corporate news network claimed the protests were about a park being demolished. A CNN article claims- “Gezi Park sits in Istanbul’s main commercial district, so it didn’t go down so well with many residents when when authorities announced they wanted to raze the park”.

While it is true that the demolition of the park may have sparked this recent unrest, this was something that was waiting to happen for a very long time.

The Washington Post, characteristic of fake mainstream media mouthpieces of corporate fascism, centered in on just one image of a woman being pepper sprayed, out of many, many worse pictures, calling it “the photo that encapsulates Turkey’s protest”, subconsciously promoting the media promoted characteristic of learning with very little effort, using generalities, and coming to cartoonish, childishly dumbed down conclusions.

Fascism influenced media is bound to use subtle tactics to downplay this beautiful, anti fascist protest, and I highly recommend to learn about it, that people rely on facts, pictures, videos, and any solid evidence, staying far away from the highly ideologically toxic, misleading corporate media. If you would like to read about this topic on Intellihub, here are some links:

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Cassius Methyl is a writer for dev-test.intellihub.com , a liberty activist in any way possible, and he plays every instrument and vocals for experimental metal / truth movement project core of a virus. Find his music here: www.facebook.com/coreofavirus

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