Idaho Sheriff steps in to help militants held up at Oregon refuge

Militants fear FBI will not offer free passage, Idaho Sheriff steps in as liaison


(INTELLIHUB) — Sean Anderson III, one of the remaining 4 militants that is currently held up at the Malheur County Wildlife Refuge, spoke with an Idaho Sheriff on the phone Saturday, in regards to making a realistic plea-bargain deal with authorities, who Anderson claims are operating outside of the U.S. Constitution.

Anderson, who was also captured on a livestream shooting live .223 rounds from his AR-15 at a government drone the other day at the refuge, told the Sheriff, “The whole reason we came over here was to peacefully protest infractions of our Constitution.”

The government does not have “the lawful right to be here,” Anderson said.

“Okay, so we came over here with our First Amendment right to peacefully protest–which is what we did–no one got hurt. And we had our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves. We didn’t threaten anybody or any of that. So being that we are for the Constitution–and now they want to charge us for a felony–which I don’t know where that can have any bearing when they don’t have the lawful right to be here in the first place.”

“We are not the criminals here they are,” Anderson said.

“So now I’m looking at going to prison for exercising my rights and they are charging me for something that’s not lawful.”

When the Sheriff asked what he plans to do, Anderson said, “I hoping for a miracle. I mean, I believe God put us here and we’ve seen a lot of signs of that this is going to wake America up. And I guess I hope that the people stand strong enough that it forces their hand and the people that are corrupt have to pay the price, not innocent people that are standing up to point that corruption out.”

Anderson feels as if the FBI does not want a peaceful resolution.

“If we don’t stand up till the end on this–then why did we come here in the first place.”

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