Immigrants Help Drunk Politician off the Ground, Then he Calls Police on Them for Stealing a Backpack That he Left at the Bar


By JG Vibes
November 30, 2012

One of the most morally offensive things about society as we know it today, all across the world, is the different rules that exist for different people based on their political and social status.

It is no secret that it is the worst among us who are attracted to positions of power, yet those who rule over the populations of the world continue to claim the moral high ground and hide in a cloak of false legitimacy.

This week in Sweden, a politician named Lars Isovaara has come under media scrutiny after a binge drinking episode where he called the police on a group of immigrants who helped him back into his wheelchair when he fell down drunk on the sidewalk while on his way home.  In reality, the politician had left his things at the bar in his stupor and he also seems to have some deep seeded animosity towards immigrants, which may be the reason behind the call to police.

Much to his dismay one of the police who arrived on the scene was actually an immigrant, and they were treated very harshly by him as a result.  The police reported that Isovaara was insulting the officer that he took issue with, even spitting at him and making growling noises.

The government was covering up for him until word came from a local bar that they had found his bag in their establishment just after he left.  Now Isovaara is even loosing the support of some of his closest allies.

According to “The Local” in Sweden:

“Isovaara’s version of the story was put in doubt when tabloid Expressen revealed a new timeline of events.  They report that Isovaara called the police at 2:30am on Wednesday to report being robbed, allegedly by two “unknown, immigrant-background men”, in an encounter that made him fall out of his wheelchair.

Isovaara had been on his way back to his overnight quarters at the Swedish parliament building from a restaurant. Staff there told Expressen they had found his bag at 2.10am, a full 20 minutes before the alleged robbery.

Police called to the scene then witnessed Isovaar “making pig noises” and “spitting in contempt” at the guard, who reportedly had an immigrant background, prompting the officers to report the MP for racist abuse.  The party quickly sprang to Isovaara’s defence, saying the witnesses must have mistaken his sobs for grunts.  As news of the bag find broke, however, they altered their tune.”

This is just the most recent and interesting situation where a European politician has been in the news for acting this way towards immigrants.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the true nature of the European Union or its architects so they misdirect their anger at their neighbors instead of directing where it belongs.  Additionally, politicians like Isovaara take advantage of this by using immigrants as scapegoats for their own transgressions.

This divide and rule taking place between immigrants and locally born people is becoming more and more prevalent in the European Union where central bankers and central planners have created a perfect storm of debt, poverty and fascist bureaucracy.  The bankers and politicians are the ones who benefit from it and they are the ones to blame, not random working people who happen to be born outside of an arbitrary geographical territory that was charted by aristocrats centuries ago.

Looking even deeper we can see how politicians pretend to be these perfectly boring people in the public arena, so much so that they can decide what other people can do with their own bodies and their own money.  Yet in private these politicians are just as messed up in the head as the people that they complain about, if not more so.  Actually, definetly more so.


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