Why it’s important to understand the war to enslave the states


We read almost daily about the division between ‘Left’ and ‘Right’; between ‘Conservatives’ and ‘Liberals’ in America

By David Zunga

(INTELLIHUB) — Many are wondering what is happening to our country today; why the GOP isn’t conservative as it once was…and why electoral politics isn’t helping at all. The reason is that in American politics, ‘conservative’ has never meant what you think it means, and electoral politics has never made a lasting (positive) change in American life.

Many years ago, I founded four classical Christian schools in three states. With each board formed, we rehashed philosophy of education, and especially curriculum. In later years, as I began developing a 12-year classical Christian curriculum, I discovered that the real purpose of Lincoln’s war — the second most important event in American history — is being missed, even by constitutionalists.

First, get the name right

For generations, not only the history books, but most politicians and all of the media have referred to the conflict as the ‘Civil War’.

Then, in retaliation, statesmen from the deep South use the term ‘War of Northern Aggression’ or at best, ‘War for Southern Independence’. But as I explain in my book This Bloodless Liberty, the most accurate name for that war is ‘The War to Enslave the States’ because it was the smokescreen behind which our federal servant became the master of its creators, the formerly sovereign States. And there’s even more to the story that textbooks haven’t told you.

Is ‘conservative’ a good thing?

The technical definition of a conservative is anyone who wants to conserve existing arrangements in politics, government, the marketplace and banking, and/or social mores. Obviously, some things are good to conserve — like Christian values of former times.

But immoral, unethical, and/or illegal arrangements should be reformed. For instance, our Revolutionary era fathers contended against conservatives — King George III’s followers, known as Loyalists.

Soon after the new confederation of States was born, the constitutionalist founders like Jefferson and Madison had to contend against such famous scoundrels as Alexander Hamilton (hatched the corrupt banking system we still suffer under today) and John Adams (sought to imprison anyone who spoke against him) who belonged to the conservative faction, now called Federalists.

Devising a vast system of pork and corporate perks dubbed ‘the American System’ by Henry Clay, conservatives then were called the Whigs.

When the Whig party lost steam, the bankers and mercantilists devised their best strategy ever. Cleverly concealing its birth under the guise of Karl Marx’s economic system to achieve class fairness, the 1% began running under the name Republicans.

As I explain in this blog post, the GOP was openly, proudly Marxist at its birth; if you can’t believe this, read the cited references and links in the blog post I just mentioned.

So. Is conservative a good thing? Not if it means the GOP. Incidentally, I was registered GOP for all my ‘voter’ years; never registered Independent or Democrat, and only voted Constitution Party once.

It’s always been about the money

As I explained in a blog article entitled Exposing the Fools’ Gold Standard, this false battle keeping America divided into equal, offsetting halves has always been a diversion to keep citizens busy fighting one another so we won’t notice government skimming our payroll accounts.

It was never about North vs. South; it has never been about Democrat vs. Republican. It has always been about the money. The liberals are classical communists, the conservatives classical fascists; government facilitates and sponsors both. The Democrat party exploits the parasitic bottom segment of America to plunder the middle class, and the GOP exploits the productive segment from top to bottom, to plunder the middle class. But both parties serve the predator class in the top 1%, who own presidents, SCOTUS justices, and almost every member of Congress.

At AmericaAgain! we seek to arrest the divide-and-conquer tactic used against us since the War to Enslave the States. We’re coming for the puppets in Congress, to divide and conquer organized crime. Join us — or you have already joined them.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Writer Bio:
David Zuniga is a licensed consulting engineer who has designed and built commercial and residential structures, raised cattle, worked as a book editor, and planted four classical Christian K-12 schools in three states. Over four years beginning in 2006, David refined his AmericaAgain! Declaration with input from constitutionalist radio host Mike Church and popular legal scholar Edwin Vieira Jr., author of Pieces of Eight and of The Sword and Sovereignty, the comprehensive judicial histories of the U.S. Dollar and the Citizen Militia, respectively. David’s book This Bloodless Liberty presents his vision for AmericaAgain!, a perpetual trust and membership organization that – with less than 1% of the American population taking part – can end the 150-year cartel hijacking of Washington D.C., and of our lives. David is a regular contributor on blogs, forums, and alternative media sites including D.C. Clothesline, Freedom Outpost, Liberty Beacon, and Prepper Recon.
This article originally appeared on Freedom Outpost.


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