In an Interview About Regulating Financial Markets Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Pays Homage to Keynes and Marx


By JG Vibes
December 31, 2012

The Rothschilds are one of the wealthiest of the ruling class bloodlines and share the biggest piece of the global tax and land plunder with the Merovingian bloodline, then with the Rockefellers following close behind.

The hierarchy of these families is still heavily debated, but many agree that these three specific bloodlines have significant global influence.

These family lines can be traced back to the feudal nobility of the middle ages and they are still in control of the majority of the world’s attainable wealth.  They also own most of earths land surface and they continue to influence global policy in many ways.

The primary way that the Rothschild bloodline has maintained their control, is through monopolizing the money supplies of entire countries.  This allows them to covertly extract wealth from billions of people through their governments without them even realizing it.

If this were a bank robbery, the government could be seen acting as the get away driver.  Despite this obvious fact, many people are led to believe that the government is somehow interested or even capable of “regulating” the ruling class.

In reality, the ruling class uses the government to impose regulations that they themselves write, in order to benefit their own businesses, and stomp out upcoming competition that may threaten their dominance in the marketplace.

There is a misconception that families like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are advocates of “free market” policies, but both in practice and in rhetoric these families use their influence of the government to push forward communist and Keynesian measures which lead to a more controlled marketplace.

In a recent interview Sir Evelyn de Rothschild pays homage to John Maynard Keynes and Karl Marx while calling for increased government regulation of financial markets, if such a thing were even possible at this point.

In the interview he said that:

“Inclusive capitalism is a difficult subject and I could speak for a long time on it.  But I think it’s a reflection on where capitalism was intended [to go].  Whether you’re talking about Karl Marx or John Maynard Keynes, capitalism today has changed and I think inclusive capitalism is about giving a broader opportunity for people to participate.”

Ironically he also spoke of the gap between “the haves and the have nots”, totally disregarding and overlooking the fact that the organizations that he supports and influences are directly responsible for this widening gap.

If you listened to some of the well crafted words that Rothschild puts forward in this interview, and in other appearances, you would be led to believe that him and his family are very concerned about the well being of the planet earth and those downtrodden people upon it.

However, a very different situation is presented when looking deeper into the policies that these people advocate and the history that they have of impoverishing whole civilizations with their monetary schemes.

The Federal Reserve is an example of a financial regulation, it is much more than that, but at its heart, it is a financial regulation.  It is an organization that not only regulates the currency and its value, but it also uses the government to force everyone in the country to use this particular currency, and no other.

As we saw with the liberty dollars, and the systems complete dismay with BitCoin, they will not accept any competition or threats to their monopoly.  These are the kind of monopoly creating regulations that the Rothschilds and others support.

People should be able to trade with whatever they want to, and if they were allowed to do so, this world would be a radically different place.  Not only would it be completely different, but families like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds would be out of business for good.


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