Incognito DHS Facility Located?
April 13, 2012

SPOKANE — The following information was submitted by a concerned citizen. The photos were taken on public property.

I saw this the other day. Notice the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) emblem INSIDE the entrance! There are no markings at all on the outside. It is a HUGE building, several floors high.

Notice the camera system in place and steel.

Peephole window shades! It even comes with a loading dock on the west side!

The following is a topographical image of the structure.

This is located 1 block west of Washington street, just north of the bridge and 2 blocks east of the Spokane Arena. The map identifies the structure as Immigration & Customs Enforcement.

Here are a few images;

Loading docks line the rear of the facility

The DHS logo remains inside tinted windows to maintain a low profile

The building seems to be pretty good size