Incredible new disinformation claims Putin himself helped Trump win election


Intelligence community disinformation designed to steal election

(INTELLIHUB) — The emergence of left wing McCarthyism, with the direct help of rogue intelligence operatives, reached new heights Wednesday with yet another anonymous sourced report claiming even more outlandish disinformation in the ongoing war against Donald Trump becoming president.

NBC news is now reporting that “two senior officials” have revealed that “new” intelligence shows that Putin personally directed the release of the hacked material.

It truly doesn’t get any more absurd than this.

U.S. intelligence officials now believe with “a high level of confidence” that Russian President Vladimir Putin became personally involved in the covert Russian campaign to interfere in the U.S. presidential election, senior U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.

Two senior officials with direct access to the information say new intelligence shows that Putin personally directed how hacked material from Democrats was leaked and otherwise used. The intelligence came from diplomatic sources and spies working for U.S. allies, the officials said.

Putin’s objectives were multifaceted, a high-level intelligence source told NBC News. What began as a “vendetta” against Hillary Clinton morphed into an effort to show corruption in American politics and to “split off key American allies by creating the image that [other countries] couldn’t depend on the U.S. to be a credible global leader anymore,” the official said.

Not only is this classic piece of disinformation total bullshit on its face, it also directly contradicts known facts, mainly being that it has never been disputed that Wikileaks itself was given ALL the hacked material and then released it through their organization. If this is the case, then how could Putin direct how each leak was released?

Right now, elements of the intelligence community, the entire Democratic party apparatus, and the corrupt mainstream media are all literally attempting to defy the will of the people and stop the man who WON the presidency from ever taking office. There simply is no other way to put it.

Over the next weeks we will continue to see more and more disinformation put out, all with the same goal of stealing the election and possibly handing it to the loser, Hillary Clinton.

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