Indonesian President Calls For Emergency Geoengineering with Helicopters to Stop Fire


In an emergency meeting, the Indonesian president made preparations to deploy “cloud seeding” helicopters to create a rainstorm that could put out the massive forest fire currently engulfing thousands of hectares in Singapore.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.(Photo by Suzanne Plunkett - WPA Pool/Getty Images)
Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.(Photo by Suzanne Plunkett – WPA Pool/Getty Images)
June 21, 2013

INDONESIA — A raging fire burning in Singapore has caused smoke to affect the nearby and neighboring population of humans and wildlife.

Singapore’s smog levels are critical as they have reached 400, which means that the elderly and others are at risk.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono announced during a recent meeting that he is going to “immediately mobilize all of the countries resources” to exterminate the massive forest fires on the island of Sumatra.

However, at the time no one knew that the president was talking about geoengineering a rainstorm. The reported, “Indonesia’s national disaster agency said that two helicopters with cloud-seeding equipment were sent early Friday from Jakarta and Borneo island to Riau province, where hundreds of hectares of carbon-rich peatland are ablaze.

 “Hopefully, we will be able to create artificial rain today,” said agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.


 He also said water-bombing helicopters could be dispatched, although gave no timeframe. Firefighters on the ground have struggled to put out the blazes, which are burning under the surface of the peat.

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 Firefighters tackling blazes in Bengkalis district, the worst hit area, were “overwhelmed” and unable to cope, Ahmad Saerozi, the head of the natural resources conservation agency in the province, told AFP.

 “We have been fighting fires 24 hours a day for two weeks,” he said, adding that aircraft must “drop water as soon as possible. We can’t do this alone”.”

Cloud seeding or geoengineering technology has existed for decades now and is used by militarized black bag programs worldwide almost daily in various operations. The compounds released from geoengineering such as aluminum, barium, and strontium in high quantities are detrimental to human, plant, and animal heath as pointed out in the new documentary film Shade the Motion Picture, an Ambellas & Bermas film which drops worldwide August 15, 2013.

However, this one particular cloud seeding mission (experiment) seems justified to some extent.







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